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Amidst the hustle and bustle of campus life, Kasturba Medical College Manipal recently lit up with the vibrant colors and infectious energy of its annual intra-batch tournament ✨Verve✨. It was a time when students came together to showcase their prowess, creativity, and unwavering spirit, turning the campus into a melting pot of talent and excitement.

From the adrenaline-pumping sports competitions to the awe-inspiring cultural & literary events, every aspect of the fest reflected the collective passion and dedication of the college community. Sports enthusiasts battled it out on the field, while writers, artists and performers graced the stage with their mesmerizing acts, captivating the audience with their talent and creativity.

Along with students, Staff of various departments participated with much more enthusiasm in various events just for them like Inter-departmental Variety Show, Inter-departmental tug of war and Inter-departmental Antakshri Competition and they were not much less competitive than there students.

Read along to get a glimpse of all the events of Verve ’24.

Inter-Departmental Tug of War

On the 11th of March 2024, the Cultural Committee of KMC Manipal hosted the Inter-Departmental Tug of War. 10 departments in total took part in the event with numerous faculties from each participating. Overall, the departments participated wholeheartedly and were enthusiastic in showing their competitive spirit. While the event was fiercely contested, 2 winners arose; the Community Medicine Department bagged 1st place while the Pediatrics Department secured 2nd place

Inter-Departmental Antakshari Competition

The Interdepartmental Antakshari Competition was held at the TMA Pai Halls on the 11th of March. It saw departments of six different specialities come together to participate and compete against each other in a battle of rhythm and lyrics. Organized by the Cultural Committee as part of Verve, the departments were tasked with singing songs containing specific words which were picked from an unbiased collection of words. They had to sing as many songs as they could within 2 minutes. They would progress to the second round which was a lyrical crossover with charades in which the teams had to guess a movie and sing songs from it. The faculty thoroughly enjoyed the musical evening and the event was an overall success! The following departments took the top spots:

🥇 Department of Pathology 

🥈 Department of Pharmacology 

🥉 Department of Pediatrics 

Inter-Departmental Variety Show

Various departments of KMC, Manipal participated in an entertaining and enthrilling Interdepartmental Variety Show.

The show was judged by the alumnus Dr. Sambhit Dash and our respected Chief Warden, Dr. Vinod Bhaskar.

There were a total of 9 entries and each slot had an amazing script and execution through the department. The script resonated with the students and the audience and received a lot of applause and cheer. 

After a cut throat competition, Ophthalmology department bagged the 1st prize with the Pharmacology department being the runner up and the Community Medicine department being the second runner up

The vibrant energy of Verve 2024 culminated in a spectacular closing ceremony, drawing the curtains on a week of exceptional talent and creative expression. 

Verve Closing Ceremony

Masters of Ceremony Jyotika Mittal and Ishaan Khetan of the cultural Commitee led the program, keeping the atmosphere lively and engaging. 

The ceremony honored the achievements of participants in various cultural events through a prestigious prize distribution ceremony.  Esteemed guests, Dr. Padmaraj Hegde (Dean), Dr. Krishnananda Prabhu (Associate Dean), Dr. Vinod, Dr. Reena, Dr. Shobha Kamath, and Dr. Arvind, presented awards to the winners, recognizing their talent and dedication.

Beyond the thrill of awards, the true essence of Verve resonated in the atmosphere. The closing ceremony wasn’t just about competition, it was a celebration of artistic expression, camaraderie, and the spirit of Verve.

Photographs by: Samir Gulati (Associate Editor), Shivansh Singh, Pranav Bansal, Anusha Srivastva, The Editorial Board KMC
Writing by: Nivedita Pandey, Vaishnavi Katiyar, Mariyah, The Editorial Board KMC
Coverage by: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board KMC