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VERVE’24: literary & cultural events

day 3 – 5th March

slam poetry


The Impromptu event was a platform of talent and spontaneity showcased by the participants as the music surrounded them with beats. The judges present for the event were Dr. Vinod Nayak from Forensic Medicine and Dr. Reena Sherin from Pharmacology. A total of 13 entries were lined up for the first round. It was an exhilarating sequence of creative dance performances with countenance, leaving all the students and judges in awe. Four of them were chosen for Round 2, which was a dance face-off. It was a challenging decision to choose qualifiers for Round 3. The final round had two finalists on the stage with two minutes for a face-off. Everyone present watched with held breaths as both the performances consumed the audience with their creative energy, grace and expressiveness. It was a tough decision but after the judges decree, the first position was bagged by Nehaala. The second and third positions were bagged by Siddharth and Akanksh, respectively.

Battle of the Bands

On the evening of March 5 2024, the Manipal Amphitheatre was vibrant with energy as students of KMC prepared to take the stage in VERVE’s much awaited Battle of the Bands.
At the judges panel were accomplished musicians from our very own institute, Dr. Yash Alok (Faculty at Community Medicine) and Dr Bhavesh (intern at Kmc Manipal who started Cadenza in 2021).
Students from each year took turns setting the crowd into a cheer as they performed songs that one could not help but sing along to.
The winners of the evening were:
🥇1st year (Akshat Mittal, Krish Nanda, Aditi Abburu, Surabhi, Aryaman, Shreyansh Raj, Arya Shekhar)
🥈3rd year (Dhriti Bhardwaj, Avishi Sharma, Adwaith Sarma, Aditya Prabhash, Arnav Trivedi, Arundhati Iyer, Shaurya Rathi, Vrishika .V. Nair)
🥉2nd year (Chatrik, Anusha, Ananya, Madhumita, Eesha, Samhith, Pratham, Aayushman, Sarthak, Tarib, Riddhi, Shambhavi)
A glorious evening of music and instruments, Battle of Bands made it a night to remember. The spirit of competition thrives amongst the batches as VERVE continues!

Day 4 – 6th March

classical solo


generAl quiz

eastern vocals solo

The spirit of Verve filled the air at TMA Pai on June 3rd, 2023, as the venue hosted the Eastern Solo Singing Competition. Seven talented vocalists took the stage, each showcasing their unique interpretations of songs.The competition was graced by the presence of a distinguished panel of judges – Dr. Ajay Bhandarkar (ENT), Dr. Rohit Singh (ENT), and Dr. Shyamala (OBG). Their expertise in music and diverse backgrounds ensured a well-rounded evaluation of the performances. With the capable Aditi Puri as the Master of Ceremonies.Emerging victorious in the competition was Avishi Sharma, whose electrifying performance captivated the judges and audience alike. Chatrik Mittal secured the second position, with a self-written and composed song, leaving a lasting impression with his soulful rendition. Aditi Chaudhury also displayed exceptional talent, securing a well-deserved third place.Beyond the announced winners, the evening was filled with remarkable performances. Each singer brought their distinct style and heartfelt emotions to the stage. The evening left a lasting impression on all who witnessed the passion and musical brilliance displayed by the participants.

Day 5 – 7th March

inter-committee tug of war

7th March 23 marked the day when all the committees of KMC came to blows in a battle of “Inter committee tug of war”. On either side of the rope, all the students using their brains and brawns to outmuscle and outstrategize the other side because ultimately there could only be one winner.The event was organized by the Cultural committee in KMC Greens. The finals was played between Cultural committee and Sports committee, with the Sports committee taking away the winner’s podium and the bragging rights.

group dance


relay writing