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Kasturba Medical College
Student Clubs

A place for students to come together and explore different themes in dramatics using their creativity.

  • Participating in various intra & inter collegiate dramatics competitions.
  • Organising workshops for those interested in dramatics and want to learn the different themes of dramatics.
  • Showcase our talent using social media.
  • Foster talent in our college by promoting original content.
  • Organising online inter collegiate dramatics competition.
  • Finding unique alternatives to previous offline events.
  • Nurturing confidence, creativity and a team spirit in our members and college too.

  • The club will work with Cultural Committee.
  • Social media team will handle and post content on our Instagram page @aaghaz.kmc and our YouTube channel.
  • A team of dedicated writers for writing our scripts.
  • Creating social awareness by performing street play at various locations by self or in collaboration with other clubs & NGOs.
  • Workshops to teach the art and form of dramatics to anyone who wants to learn.
  • Offline workshop & competition of street play, theatre, mime, pass the remote, monologue, etc.
  • Catering to online competitions such as
    • Monologue
    • Short video making
    • Radio play
    • Stand Up comedy
    • Movie making


Amrapali Mishra (Head), Siddharth Garg (Co-head), Ratnesh Gandhi (PR Head)

To conduct creative art and craft sessions round the year.

To increase the creativity among students by endulging them in different art and craft based sessions and workshops.

Plan of Action
Different fun filled art workshops, art competitions, art challenges and art sessions

Faculty Advisor : Dr. Chandni Gupta

Core committee members 2022-2023
  • Chief Co ordinator: Arnav Tyagi
  • Jr. Chief Coordinator: Rishika Rastogi
  • Pr head: Vedika
  • Mu Coordinator head: Stuti Arora
  • Finance head :Anoushka Gupta
  • Logistics head: Shivpriya
  • Graphic design: Nikita Chauhan
  • Documentation Head : Shivika Saroagi

A club designed to increase student participation in the field of E-Sports by giving them a platform for organizing competitive and recreational gaming tournaments. To represent KMC in the ever-growing field of E-Sports including intercollege events and give students a platform to showcase their skills and talents.We will form a KMC focused gaming community and promote gaming and E-Sports as a healthy and recreational activity/hobby , not as an escape from the real world. We will involve competitive and avid gamers by organizing various tournaments and events.


Bhavye Bhatia (President)
Shreyansh (Vice President)
Shrey Gautam (General Secretary)
Shubhanshu Jaiswal (Content and competitive head)
Saad Khan (PR Head)
Navya Sahu (Head of Design).

  • Provide a platform for individuals within KMC, and eventually across MAHE, to showcase their talent
  • Work with seniors to gain experience, while providing a platform for junior batches
  • Participate in competitions held by KMC, MAHE and other colleges
  • Create a social media account for the Music Club through which the aforementioned can be accomplished
  • Organise events, both offline and online, for the vocalists and instrumentalists of KMC to showcase their abilities
  • Conducting regular offline jamming sessions in SAC- open to all; a place to learn, practice and get better
  • Organise classes/ online series with tips and exercises about music theory, instrument knowledge from basics to intermediate with time
  • Working alongside Cultural Committee in organising instruments and sound system and setting them up, in case of an offline competition

FACULTY ADVISOR : Dr Sushma, Department of Anatomy & Dr. Yash Alok , Department of Community Medicine


Cadenza Vocals
  • Cadenza Eastern Vocals: Kirti Gaur
  • Cadenza Western Vocals: Inesh Vij
Vocals Supervisors:
  • Tejesvi Seshadri
  • Mohamed Tariq
  • Sonakshi Chhabra

Cadenza Band
Head: Abhineet Kashyap
Supervisor: Bhavesh Srivastava
Cutting Edge Manipal

Vision, aim, plan of action
We are Cutting Edge, a student – run surgical society dedicated to inspiring interest in the field of surgery among medical undergraduates. We conduct various skill based workshops on the basics of surgery, we organize interactive quizzes and we host talks with successful surgeons around the globe. Surgery can be a daunting field, requiring practised skill to become a competent surgeon. For every student, we are determined to bring more relevant and resourceful content. Join us as we explore the science behind the art.

In the year 2022, we have successfully conducted 4 workshops teaching 12 skills in total. We’re excited to have more workshops and ready to co-host Asterion this year, KMC’s Academic Fest!

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Vivek Pandey, Associate Professor, Department of Orthopaedics

Core club members
Manan Chawda (President)
Vedant Datta (Vice-President)
Yatra Vasa (General Secretary)
Cygnus : The Eastern Dance Club

A club dedicated to promote great love for dance, inspiring self-confidence, discipline and respect for the performing arts.This club cherishes India’s rich heritage of classical dance forms, folk dances, and Bollywood dances.

  • Represent KMC, Manipal at intercollege competitions and events
  • Organize eastern dance competitions at online platforms in coordination with the cultural committee both at intra and inter-college levels -Conduct dance workshops to pique interest in budding dancers
  • Social media updates

Plan of action
  • The dancers in the team would be subdivided into either classical or non-classical (folk) groups, for which they are most fit for.
  • Annual auditions would be conducted to choose dancers for the above-mentioned groups.
  • These groups will aim at working as a team and improve their skills to strive to become a better team.

We hope to encourage more participation through online workshops, along with representing our college proudly in every opportunity available.

Varuni Goel, Avni Gupta, Udita Khanna, Vaibhav Jain, Bhavana Balakrishnan, Theres Geogy, Sameer Kathat, Umang Khatri, Sanya Anoop, Shubhraa Moorthy, Ishita Sharma, Sharya Dube, Ananya Malhotra, Vartika Tiwari, Sinjini Hajra, Muskan Mishra, Shalaka Shetty, Vanshika saini, Nandini Garg, Twesha Prasad, Shivani Singh, Dikshita Samudrala, Madhavi Pai,Mitali Goel, Shivangi Seth

A club which aims at encouraging the students to adopt a healthy lifestyle by focusing on mental and physical health, along with obeying good nutritional habits. It strives to provide students with a platform wherein they can enhance certain aspects of their lives and incorporate healthy habits that will eventually lead to a conducive outcome.

  • Institute sessions to promote active participation among students for personal growth and holistic development.
  • To conduct events (online/offline) in collaboration with professional expertise to enlighten students to develop an all-round personality.
  • To empower the students to formulate a customized diet plan, a suitable workout schedule, and to achieve a state of good mental health.
  • Maintain engaging and energizing workouts and mindfulness sessions regularly.

Plan of Action
  • Proposed events
    • Burn Your Calories – 29th April (World Dance Day)
    • Bon Appétit – 28th May (World Nutrition Day)
    • Revive and Relax – 21st June (World Yoga Day)
    • Mind Over Matter – 10th Oct (World Mental Health Day)
  • Structure of club
    • The club comprises of 3 teams: Physical Fitness, Mental Wellbeing & Sound Nutrition.
    • Core committee – President, Vice President, and Team Heads
    • Members: Team Associate Heads, Editorials and PRs of the respective teams ,Design and graphics ,Finance,Photography/Videography

Faculty Advisor Dr. Sadhana Holla (Dept. of Pharmacology)

Core Committee
  • Juvena Jebeleen Dsouza (President)
  • Aditya Lochab (Vice-President)
  • Team heads: Madhav Arora (Physical Fitness) Khushboo Juneja (Mental Wellbeing) Mrunmayee Nerlikar (Sound Nutrition)

Indo German Convention of Lindau Alumni (IGCLA) is a multidisciplinary, annual event held by Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University to bring together the delegates of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings held in Germany and provide a platform for discussion in the area of scientific research and innovation.
Our annual conference is a 3-day event comprising of panel discussions, case and poster presentation for PGs as well as UGs, various academic workshops and quizzes.
Here is a link to our previous year’s brochure.

Faculty Advisors
Dr. Arvind Kumar Pandey & Dr. Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay & Dr. Shankar M. Bakkannavar

Core Committe Members
Aditij Dhamija (Organising Chairperson)
Kavisha Agarwal (Organising Chairperson)
Ishani Singh (Scientific Head)
Arunav Kumar (Public Relations Head)
Shivani Yadav (Design Head)
Abhineet Kashyap (Finance Head)

For Medical Students to immerse themselves in innovation at the UG level.

To expose medical students to innovation at an earlier stage and provide them with the foundation knowledge needed to further progress in the field.

Plan of Action
  • Educate medical students about the necessity of innovation to make improvements in healthcare.
  • To nurture innovative minds and encourage collaboration.
  • Organize hackathons, ideation competitions in KMC as well as in collaboration with other MAHE colleges
  • Provide incubation to young medical entrepreneurs.
  • Organize seminars on technological advancements in the medical field.
  • Hold talks by patent holders and research scholars of MAHE

Faculty Advisor : Dr. Sandesh U (Associate Professor,Department of Anaesthesiology)

Core Members
Srived Meda (President)
Harshavardhan Sai Sadineni (Vice-President)
Ilantodi Vishnu Bharadwaj (Faculty Co-ordinator)
Vishnu Kallepalli (Head of Writing)
Ayushman Kashyap (Head of PR)
Sanjana Nanda (Head of Design)

To Create a Quizzing Society

Inquizition aims to organize regular quizzes and create a quizzing culture within KMC

General Quizzes, MELAS Quizzes, Themed Quizzes

Faculty Advisor : Dr.Soumya

Head: Akarsh Khanna
Deputy Head: Swastik Gautam Tripathi
Members: Kanika Yadav,Raghav Gupta,Aatish Karak,Venkatrangan Balaji

After an insightful trip for a medical quiz in Mexico, the students of KMC sought to create a competition facilitating academic and cultural exchange in Manipal. Thus, the International Quiz For Medical Undergraduates was conceived and has been running successfully since 2017.
IQMU’s vision is to serve as an entity dedicated to the development of innovative learning strategies and the creation of well-rounded physicians.
The 6th Edition of the International Quiz for Medical Undergraduates was held in June 2022. While the online Back to Basics Quiz was held on 4th and 5th June, the main event – Chiron, was held from 17th to 19th June. This was the first time IQMU was organised in a hybrid mode, combining the best of both online and offline formats. With over 150 participants for Back to Basics and close to 100 participants for Chiron, this was IQMU’s biggest year yet! Apart from all corners of India, contestants hailed from Malaysia, Hungary and Philippines as well. Back to Basics saw LHMC, Seth GSMC and KMC Manipal taking the Top 3 coveted spots.
Faculty Advisors : Dr. Vinod Nayak, Professor, Dept. of Forensic Medicine & Dr. Vinay Khanna, Associate Professor, Dept. of Microbiology

Core Council
Organising Chairpersons – Shailja Sharma, Bhavesh Srivastava
Joint Secretaries – Manaswini Mittal, Harsha Sai Sadineni
Head of Public Relations – Divija Sharma
Head of Design – Shivani Yadav
Head of Email and Correspondence – Mrunmayee Nerlikar
Head of Scientific – Akarsh Khanna
Head of Finance – Manaswini Mittal
Head of Registration and Logistics – Shagun Pareek
Head of MU Communication – Alisha Deshmukh
Head of MU Coordination – Supriya Gupta

Justitia, The Forensic Medicine Club of KMC Manipal, is responsible for a wide variety of interactive forensic-based workshops and events. Apart from conducting activities, Justitia also organizes panel discussions and partakes in releasing content related to the same, be it articles, write-ups, informative videos, etc.

As the only student run forensic medicine club in India, it aims to promote the domain of forensic medicine and increase awareness of the subject. It organizes events such as Talks, Quizzes, ‘Jigsaw’, ‘Holmicide’ and other Crime Scene Investigation based events. It also aims to raise awareness about medico-legal and other social issues through its activities and events.

Faculty Advisor Dr. Vinod Nayak, Forensic Medicine

Core Committee
Akarsh Khanna (President)
Ishani Singh (Vice-President)
Niranchanaa Balaji (General Secretary)

Aim and Objectives
Lumen, the photography club of KMC Manipal comprises of eager and interested photographers as well as videographers. It aims to enhance and showcase the talent and creativity of KMC’s very own photographers through social media series and photography events. We aim to foster interest and help improve skill by conducting workshops and primarily learning from each other. We hope to create a space for all levels of photographers to gain experience, improve their technique and collaborate with other artists.

Events Organised
  • ABCs of Photography- Workshop on basics of photography and portrait photography.
  • Capture- Theme based photography competition and photo exhibition for Expressions event organised by Team-3D.
  • Photowalk at Malpe Sea Port.
  • Photobooth at IQMU Gala Night, FIT-A-THON, Oncore.
  • May-gapixels: Celebrating photography month via prompt-based submissions on Instagram.
  • People Of Manipal: Interviews of local people associated with students.
  • Underexposed: Bringing the talent of KMC in light.
  • Foodie Fridays: Weekly food photography Instagram story.
  • Lockscreen by Lumen: providing aesthetic photos for phone wallpapers.

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Reena Sherin Parveen, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Core Members
President: Samir Gulati
Vice President: Ayush Rana
Student Advisor: Sparsh Srivastava
Head of PR: Raghav Gupta
Head of Organizing: Hasmita Ganesuni
Head of Design: Jasneet Kaur Kalra
Head of Creativity: Satyam Mishra
Lead Photographer: Kartik Bhateja

Crew: Bhavye Bhatia, Pranay Jain, Pooja Bishnoi, Ratnesh Gandhi, Aaryan Singh, Tanya Jaiswal, Navya Sahu, Anusha Sharma, Pranav Venugopal, Simran Singh Bhadauriya, Fatima Sayeed, Adnan Qamar
Writers: Komal Mishra, Khushi Sarwa, Sudiksha Gupta
Design team: Minil Gupta, Vinayaka Garg, Sanjana Nanda
Public Relations: Samanvay Gupta, Tvishaa Bagai, Tanvi Jain
Nasha Mukt Club, Kasturba Medical College

Drug Addiction is emerging to be a serious concern in the country especially in the younger generation, leading to dangerous consequences not just for the person using drugs, but on the family and society at large. This club is aimed to take forward the novel idea of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment which is Drug Demand Reduction in the country.

Under this club we aim to coordinate, implement several interventions like creating awareness, holding workshops, providing care and support for prevention and rehabilitation of young users.
We plan to hold seminars and workshops with eminent speakers to educate people on misuse and ill effects of substances and awareness among the students and people around through various recreational activities and volunteer drives. Generation of awareness in the community would be one of the immediate effects that would be noticeable in the network of students and people targeted through this. We look forward to reduce stigmata about treatment and rehabilitation.

Posts in Core
Founder(s) and Chairperson(s):
  • Shivani Yadav (Registration No. – 190101324; Phone No. – 8851285099)
  • Utkarsh Agrawal (Registration No. 190101274; Phone No. – 8233836554)

Faculty Advisors : Dr. Arvind K. Pandey, Dr. Vinod Nayak & Dr. Shobha Kamath

To enhance financial literacy/knowledge of students and to guide students towards financial independence.

Faculty Advisor Dr. Naveen kumar (director of hospital administration) & Dr. Alankrith Kashyap (Dept. Of surgery)

Core Members
Vidit Bajaj (President)
Raghav Gupta (Vice President)
Shivika Saraogi (PR HEAD)
Kshitij Shahi (Event Head)
Anshika (content head)

Phoenix is the western dance crew of KMC Manipal, which aims to provide a platform for all budding and talented dancers to portray their technique and passion for the art and express themselves. Every year we not only participate in various inter-collegiate fests, competitions and conferences but also organize flash mobs as well.

  • Online presence on Instagram with various choreographies to showcase our dancers
  • Foster talent in our college by performing in events like verve.
  • Performing for various in-house and out station fests like Invictus, JIPMER, St. Johns..
  • Promote more people to turn up for dance events.
  • Personality development and confidence boost.

Plan of Action
The club will work with Cultural Committee
The club will have 3 sub teams-
  • Choreographers and dancer comprising all students In the club from 2nd year to 4th year
  • Content creators: videographers and music editors.
  • PR team: handling and posting content on Instagram account.

Faculty Advisor : Dr. Sadhana N. Holla (Department of Pharmacology)

Core Committee Members
Muskan Jain (Co-head)
Avni Gupta (Co-head)
Daksh Agrohi (Public relations Co-head)
Sameer Kathat ( Public relations co-head)
Shivani Singh (design head)
Aakriti Datta ( Lead videographer)

Team Members Choreographers and dancers
Trishtha Aggarwal, Saumya Gupta, Twesha Prasad, Udita Khanna, Swaroop Shetty, Shruti Garg, Bretwin Rego, Sinjini Hajra, Bhavana Balakrishnan

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is an inclusive group of people that encourage you to flaunt your own Fashion style with CONFIDENCE.

  • Promote sustainable and doable fashion that can be incorporated in our daily life .
  • An online presence to showcase our team’s sense of style and boost confidence in our audience so they can be true to their style
  • Building a team that depicts a safe place for all body types and unique ideas.
  • Incorporate more Doable fashion in Fashion shows that our audience can incorporate in their daily life.

Plan of Action
The club will work under Cultural Committee.
It comprises of 2 teams

The club will hold auditions for both the teams.
  • Increase participation in intercollegiate Fashion shows, Solo Photography and Design competition.
  • Organise a pageant for KMC, that will be open to everyone and the winner will be judged on the basis of multiple rounds( walk, talent and confidence)
  • Indulge in Photowalks with Lumen and MTTN

Our Team
Head: Shreya Srivastava
Co- heads: Madhav Arora and Shivangi Acharya
Tempus Pretioso

Emergency Medicine is a fairly new field in India, officially adopted in 2009. The Emergency Department of KMC Manipal is one of the most renowned in its field, equipped with state of the art resources and highly competent, experienced faculty. It provides quality exposure to medical students, and as benefactors of this unique opportunity, we at Tempus Pretioso started this club in 2016 to educate students about this relatively new field. Keeping our aim in mind, we have held workshops, quizzes and competitions across the country for medical students and beyond. With past events like First-Aid  workshops for non-medicos, interactive case discussions in our Virtual ER, infield training in Wilderness medicine, hands-on experience in KMC’s high-tech Simulation Lab, EM rotations and much more, excellence is a guarantee. We aspire to further broaden our reach because a first responder does not need to be a medical personnel- it could be you too.

Faculty Advisor Dr Vimal Krishnan (Associate Professor, Dept of Emergency Medicine, KMC Manipal)

Core Committee Members
Tanya Mary Thomas (President)
Harsh Sharma (Vice-President)
Harshavardhan Sai Sadinani (General Secretory)
The Debating Society

The Debating Society of KMC, Manipal is established to encourage open discourse and discussion about the pressing issues of our time, resulting in an intellectual renaissance of the student body. We aim to tap the potential of budding doctors to become excellent orators and public speakers. These skills would help boost their confidence, encourage them to take a more proactive approach towards increasing their knowledge and arm them with the essential skills required to survive in the tumultuous socio-political climate of our times.
The debate teams coached in our sessions have performed well in competitions thus far; coming in 2nd place in the inter-MAHE Utsav fest, and then coming in 1st place in the competitive AFMC, Pune intercollegiate fest.
Furthermore, our various workshops have resulted in a noticeable improvement in the public speaking skills; social and geopolitical awareness, and stage confidence in of the people who have participated regularly.
We look forward to take our ambition to achieve honours at the highest level of national and international debating, with a target of competing in the Asian championships next year.

Posts in Core
  • Arsalaan Kidwai (Phone no. 7023770578)
  • Aditij Dhamija (Phone no. 9873930095)
General Secretary : Sudiksha Gupta (Phone no. 7982409646)

Faculty advisor : Dr. Joseph Thomas
The Film Crew Club

We aim to produce content and hold events about different types of films and the intricacies of filmmaking for fellow cinephiles in KMC, Manipal.

Some of the activities we will conduct as a committee include:
  • Film reviews
  • Quizzes centred around certain movies and series
  • Movie Screening
  • Debates
  • An Instagram page dedicated to all these things
  • Quizes
  • Short film and photography competitions etc.

Faculty Advisor : Dr Reena Sherin Parveen, Dept of Pharmacology

Core Committee Members
President: Namrata Gupta
Vice President: Saurav Jyothi
General Secretary: Sidharth Reddy
Writing head: Bhavye Bhatia
Graphics head: Nitya Goel
PR head: Pratishruti Singh
Event head: Aidan Roche
Faculty Co-ordinator: Komal Mishra
Student Co-ordinator: Aatish Karak

Made by: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board