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🏛️ Peer Support 🏛️

Student Council alongwith MAHE Student Affairs Department brings to you “Peer Support” network. 

It’s a platform to connect with the MAHE Counsellors whenever required. It could be regarding peer pressure, examination scores, substance abuse or any other kind of mental or emotional stress.

Student Counsellors:-

Ms. Karuna Devadiga – +919148591543

Ms.Shilpa Joshi – +919148591546

Dr.Rayan Mathias – +919148591545

Mr.Calvin D’Souza – +919606035373

Mr. Jeevan Lewis – +919606035379

Ms. Joshna M J – +919148591544

Ms. Sujatha – +919148591547

Apart from the counsellors, students can also approach any of the Student Council members through WhatsApp or Email. Council Members will provide utmost support and guide the students further to counsellors as per the requirement.

Ayushman Kashyap

President, Student Council

Aditi Raghuram

Vice President, Student Council