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Kasturba Medical College
Student Council
Student Council

The Student Council of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal consists of the Executive Council and seven Committee Secretaries.

Executive Council

The Executive Council comprises the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Judicial Secretary. The Executive Council works together to act as a bridge between the college office and the student body and conveys the requests of one to the other. They function to ensure that the academic and extracurricular needs of the students are met expeditiously for the complete development of the college.

President – Ayushman Kashyap
Vice President – Aditi Raghuram
General Secretary – Rakshak K Raman
Joint Secretary – Ayush Rana
Judicial Secretary – Saurya Potluri
Treasurer – Raghav Gupta

Faculty Advisors
Dr. Arvind K Pandey, Department of Anatomy
Dr. Vinod C Nayak, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Cultural Committee

The Cultural Committee is a group of talented individuals responsible for organising inter and intra college cultural events throughout the year . We not only strive to bring out the best in each performer , but also promote their skills so that they can excel in their respective fields. The Cultural Committee has a number of clubs under its umbrella including ones of dance, music, fashion and dramatics. We collaborate with them to bring exciting events throughout the year, that keeps both, participants and organisers on their toes. Some of the fests we organise are Verve , Utsav and Invictus.

Cultural secretary – Sanjana Nanda
Faculty advisors –
Dr. Yash Alok, Department of Community Medicine
Dr. Shobha U Kamath, Department of Biochemistry

Literary Committee

The Literary Committee stands not only for literature and its aspects but for arts, quizzing, and photography as well. To bring awareness about their allure, we conduct various formal and informal events throughout the year and organise events for Intra and inter collegiate fests namely Verve, Utsav, and Invictus.

Literary Secretary – Saad Khan
Faculty advisor – Dr. Soumya S, Department of Ophthalmology

Sports Committee

The Sports Committee is one of the pillars that constitute the core of KMC. We aim at creating an ardor amongst the students towards sports by organising several completions and events to enhance the interest of the students in sports and inculcate qualities of sportsmanship, endurance, and teamwork. Some of the events conducted by us are Verve, & Invictus. We believe that when passion comes first, everything else will fall into place.

Sports secretary – Sahil Goel
Faculty advisors –
Dr. Vinod C Nayak, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology
Dr. Reena Sherin Parveen, Department of Pharmacology

Social Welfare Committee

The Social Welfare Committee of KMC functions to serve and support the underprivileged sector of our society. We host many engaging fundraisers like our annual sports bonanza, Sportzquake, C’est La Vie, and our latest multi-faceted online event Allons-Y. The proceeds are mainly directed towards Udaan, the scholarship fund, and Samskriti, the child welfare fund. We have previously undertaken activities such as medical camps, teaching sessions, rehabilitation centre visits, and painting an orphanage mural. A little family with big hearts, SWC works diligently with the sole aim of lending a helping hand and spreading hope and happiness.

SWC secretary – Sneha Saxena
Faculty advisors –
Dr. Kirthinath Ballala, Department of Community Medicine
Dr. Shamee Shastri, Department of Immunoheametology & Blood Transfusion

The Editorial Board

KMC’S college media organisation, the Editorial Board is an amalgamation of creative minds. The Board consists of writers, artists, photographers as well as a PR department. Responsibilities include reporting the various events occurring on campus, organising the Festival of Ideas, and publishing Signum Vitalis, the College’s yearbook. With many more endeavours and ventures on the way, the Editorial Board is dedicated to cultivating a deeper appreciation of the arts into the life of all medical students.

Editor-in-chief – Jasneet Kalra
Faculty advisor – Dr. Smitha Prabhu, Department of Dermatology

Finance Committee

The finance committee is devoted to handling the financial matters related to the student activities held in our college. The team works to ensure that all the student-run clubs and committees are provided with adequate financial resources to pursue their activities. The committee also handles the sponsorship needs for all the college fests and events. The committee has a finance club – Networth functioning under it with the objective of enhancing the financial literacy of the students.

Treasurer – Raghav Gupta
Faculty advisors –
Dr. Arvind K Pandey, Department of Anatomy
Dr. Vinod C Nayak, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Student Research Forum

The Student Research Forum (SRF) endeavours to elevate research in our institute to a level par excellence by organising frequent seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions to learn, educate and inspire budding researchers

SRF secretary – Sukriti Chugh
Faculty advisor – Dr. Shankar Bakkannavar, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology

Class Representatives

The class representatives are elected students, two from each batch who help in coordinating and giving information from the college administration and departments to the students. Class representatives play an integral part in class schedule, grievance and feedback purposes and are the face of the batch as a whole.

General Secretary– Rakshak K Raman

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