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VERVE’24: Literary & cultural events

day 1 – 3rd March 2024


Verve 2024 kick started with the first event Monologue. Enthusiastic participants
came all decked up with costumes to showcase their talent. Chits were picked to
decide the slots for each. The evocative story-telling, engaging entertainment and
riveting persuasion with power in the performances left the judges Dr. Tanmay
Kataria and Dr. Siddharth, in awe. Both of them were passionate actors with Dr.
Tanmay being associated with the KMC’s Dramatics Club Aaghaz. The exceptional
acts of each of the students were appreciated, and the decision of choosing
winners was a tough one. After much contemplation, the third position was
bagged by Vishnukant Singh, 2nd position was bagged by Afaq. The winner at 1st
position was Prakhar Mohak.

Eastern Dance Solo

The Eastern Dance Solo, held on 3rd March from 12p.m. included a total of 8 performances with students coming to showcase their talent and fight to win their batch more points. The first judge for the event was Dr. Sadhana, from the department of Pharmacology, who is a trained bharatnatyam dancer and fitness enthusiast. She is currently the faculty advisor of FITVIB. The next judge was Dr. Ajay Raveendranadh, from the department of General Surgery, who has danced all his life and organised various events as well. The students used a total of 4 minutes to dance their hearts out on a myriad of songs, from Ek Pal ka Jeena to Chaudhary to Kajra re. The winners for the event were:1st place: Nandini Jaiswal (3rd year) and Kenneth (1st year); 2nd place: Akanksh Chopra (3rd year); 3rd place: Prachita Arora (2nd year); In the end, Dr. Ajay set the stage on fire with his performance on Mauja hi Mauja and it ended with the students and judges all dancing together. 

face painting

1 pm on the 3rd of March, artists picked up their brushes and readied their partners to quite literally face off other competitors in a poker themed face painting contest.Colours were flying around and so were laughs as beautiful artwork poured into interact halls.Judged by Dr.Chandni Gupta and Dr. Lydia of the department of Anatomy, 2nd years took the victory by placing first and second, while 3rd years placed third.

Instrumental solo

As the inter batch competition VERVE continues, participants prepared to take the stage with their musical talents in the Instrumental Solo Competition. Taking place on the 3rd of March 2024, the TMA Pai Hall stage was all set for the participants with a judges panel consisting of proficient instrumentalists from our very own Kasturba Hospital, Dr Sruthi Vijendran (Senior Resident, Ophthalmology) and Dr. Kanishk Gupta Arya (Intern, KMC Manipal).8 slots, 8 breathtaking performances and a myriad of instruments made this competition a tough one for the judges.
The winners of the night were:
Aloysius Dsouza (TIPS) Adhyatma Trivedi (2nd year) Pratham Mishra (2nd year)
A special mention was given to slot 5, Pratham Kogalur (2nd year)
From the harmonium’s sangeet to the synthesiser’s melodies, the evening saw the most splendid display of KMC’s musical talents. With the competition just setting sail, and the students continuing to bag points for their teams, the excitement for VERVE continues and the inter batch competition is strong as ever!


On 3th march 2024, the Literary committee hosted the thrilling event of Potpourri as a part of Verve. 11 teams participated in a battle of wits through a fusion of trivia questionnaires. Each team contained 3 members from the same batch. After the preliminary round, 5 teams were eliminated and the top 6 teams made it to the quick thinking hands up round leading to the next 4 teams being eliminated. The final 2 teams competed in an electric round of intense question battles.The winners of Potpourri are:🥇 Mihir, Shivom and Saanvi (2nd year), 🥈Sarthak, Chandani and Crystal (1st year) and 🥉 Shivangi, Aparna and Nandini (2nd year). The lively atmosphere was filled with excitement and enjoyment. A quest for victory kept the participants on their toes and entertained. Credit to this amazing event goes to the two event heads-Aniket and Aseem from the Lit Com.With this the first day of Verve started off as a big success

western vocal solo

The Western Solo Singing Competition, a much-awaited segment of the Verve festivities was held at TMA Pai on March 3rd, 2023. Eight participants showcased their highly proficient vocal talents, laced with true emotions, melancholy, motivation, heartbreak and joy.The event was judged by a distinguished panel of judges: Dr. Suresh Pillai (ENT) and Dr. Soumya S (Ophthalmology). Dr Soumya showcased her skills, by gracing the crowd with a nostalgic piece that she sang during her college days. Anusha Gupta served as the capable Master of Ceremonies. While all participants lit up the stage, only a few emerged victorious. Farzana Usman (3rd year) took first place with an emotion-filled rendition, Dhriti Bharadwaj (3rd year) followed not far behind in second place, with Aditi Aburu (1st year) and Anusha Srivastava (2nd year) tying for 3rd place. Overall the event was a resounding success, with each participant better than the other. Each singer brought their distinct style and heartfelt emotions to the stage. The evening left a lasting impression on all who witnessed the passion and musical brilliance displayed by the participants

creative duet dance

On the 3rd of March, the best of the dancers put on their shoes and competed against each other in a duet to gain points for their team in the Verve 2024. There were three entries per batch and undoubtedly none of the duets left any stone unturned to try and bag the first position. The maximum allotted time for each team was 5 minutes and the duet dance had to be based on a theme.  The performances were judged by our very talented teachers, Dr. Shobha Kamath and Dr. Jitin Ibrahim who were stunned by the amazing acts put up by the various teams. 

Day 2 – 4th March

vocal duet

On the 2nd day of 2024 edition of VERVE, performances possessing captivating synergy, where two distinct voices intertwined in a harmonious dance of melody and emotion, were observed in the cultural event “VOCAL DUET”. Event was organised on the 4th of March in TMA Pai Hall 3 at 5pm. Even though teams fought hard to represent their batches, the unique auditory experience they created, evoked a sense of unity and connection among everyone present at the scene. The interplay of tones and timbre felt like a profound  conversation between the performers and the audience.
The event was judged by Dr. Soumya (Opthalmology department) and Dr. Balakrishnan (ENT Department). A total of 8 entries were performed. The first prize was won by Aryaman Acharya and Surabhi S Anaspure ( 1st years). 2nd prize won by Dhriti Bharadwaj and Adwaith Sharma (3rd years) and 3rd prize was awarded to Ishan Roy and Ayushi Nurani (1st year). A special mention was made to Aditi Choudhary and Aditi Abburu (1st years) for their beautiful performance.


The Calligraphy Competition was organized by the Literary Committee of KMC Manipal as part of Verve 2024. It brought together 14 talented individuals who were tasked with writing beautiful quotes borrowed from novels and movies. Each participant created a canvas of illustrated words and displayed their artistic abilities with passion over the course of an hour. Dr Khushi and Dr Swarupa presided as judges of the event and the winners were declared as follows: 1- Aisha Tarachandani, 2- Nikita Ravi, 3- Anjali Mani.

western dance solo

Switch up

On 4th March, total 7 teams participated in the event which consisted of two participants and the event is conducted in Interact halls. The participants were given two themes like Future through your eyes and Peeping into the past and they had to switch their positions and make an art on the same.The event was judged by Dr. Sushma, Department of Anatomy and Dr. Seemitr, Department of Pathology.After judging amazing art pieces, the judges awarded the first place to TIPS- Dr. Swarupa and Dr. Malavika, followed by the runner up position given to 2nd year- Palakshi and Yash and the second runner up being 1st years- Lipika Gupta and Dhun Paliwal.

Fashion Show

On 4th March, 2024 a Fashion show was held as a part of the cultural events in Verve. There were 7 participants showcasing their talents and were judged by Dr. Chandani and Dr. Arvind Pandey. Participants were free to choose their own themes and present  their performances in a span of 2.5 minutes. The initial 1 minute was for introductions followed by a ramp walk accompanied with groovy beats. The audience was enthusiastic and the participants displayed some memorable costumes and creativity. The final winners of the Fashion show were 🥇Nikita Yadav(1st year), 🥈 Anoushka Singh(1st year), 🥉 Jyotika Mittal (3rd year) and Pranav Kawatra (1st year).Congratulations to all the winners and participants. .