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Vedam ’23 – Meliora


1st Aug 23, 9.30 AM saw the grand opening of the KMC’s academic fest “VEDAM”. The festivities began with a keynote speech by Dr. Murali Thandebhavi, a well renowned anesthesiologist; on the topic of “Future of Medicine”. TMA Pai Hall was packed with students and researchers alike from KMC and other colleges who were just waiting to hear a piece of Dr. Muruli’s mind. 

He began his presentation by exploring in depth the meaning and the role Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning plays in the field of medical science and outside it in our daily lives. How small transistors and semiconductors bind all of us together helping us grow beyond what was imaginable as a society. He talked about how the deep neural network is helping doctors in making diagnosis that earlier would have been hard or even borderline impossible. He spoke about how smartwatches and health monitoring devices help in early detection and management of several conditions. Advancements in technology like 3D printing can be used for bio printing, manufacturing surgical instruments, surgery assistance and prosthetics. The role of AI in hospital administration and drug research and development. Gene therapy, personalized medication, autonomy in medical AI and simulation studies were among the many topics he discussed.

He presented a revised Hippocratic Oath, appropriate for the changing time that left everyone amazed and in awe. He followed this with the role what we as future doctors owe to ourselves and to the society. He discussed the role of social media in our lives, the story of 5th percentile, the constant chase to improve ourselves and future goal planning that made everyone  take a step back and think.

Overall he made a deep impact on everyone present. Every attendee left all the more wiser and with materials to reflect upon. 


On 1st August, 2023, Meliora held the Research Presentation from 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

The participants came forward to showcase their unique approaches to tackling existing problems, reviewing new methods for disease management as well as their research into various different topics. 

They were judged by an esteemed panel of judges comprising of Dr. Sneha Guruprasad, Chairperson for Doctoral Research in Health Science and Medicine MAHE, Dr. Shankar Bawaskar, Chairperson for Undergraduate Research, Health Sciences MAHE, Dr. Sushma Prabath, Member of Undergraduate Research Vertical, Health Sciences and Medicine MAHE, Dr. Sanjay Kini, Member of Undergraduate Research Vertical, Health Science and Medicine MAHE, Dr. Sneha Deepak Mallya, Core committee member of Center of Infectious Disease and Dr. Aparna Jayakala, an Expert in Fingerprint and Palmprint recognition Research. 

There were 12 participants in total and they spoke about their projects on topics ranging from diabetes management to posterior interventricular artery variations to morphometry of the triangles of the back in fetuses. 

The SRF secretary, Sukriti Chugh gave the closing words and felicitated the judges by giving them roses to thank them for their time and mark the end of the event. 


One of the most interesting events participants were looking forward to has successfully delivered to its participants a hub of knowledge. When you hear ‘cancer genomics’, this is exactly what you would want to see as a medical student.

 On the 1st of August, Vedam gave 90 participants the opportunity to explore the basics of neoplasia and a peek into how far medicine has come today. The workshop also included a guided tour of Kasturba Medical College’s state of the art genomics lab. 

The lecture was headed by the esteemed Dr. Rama, and was a gem to attend.


On the 2nd of august the incandescent club of KMC Manipal organised the medical hackathon ‘Eureka’. The event started with Utkarsh Sinha introducing the event followed by Pranav Venugopal, president of incandescent, welcoming the esteemed judges Dr. Nachiket Bhatia who is the CEO of Bhatia classes and Dr Balakrishnan, head of emergency department, KMC Manipal. 

The introductory speech given by the guest of honour, Dr Nachiket, focused on the importance of entrepreneurship and the freedom it gives. He talked about entrepreneurship as the budding new field in medicine and how every medical professional can use it in their career. Drawing from his own story he empathised on the need to always upskill and network to form a strong connection. He urged the medical students to learn marketing and financial management. 

Following this motivational talk, the presentations started in which the 9 teams put forward their pitches in front of the judges. Many innovative ideas were presented to solve the problem statement of the hackathon- to reduce mortality in emergency situations by improving coordination between emergency services and hospitals to enhance patient care. 

Each team was given 7 minutes to present their product and the next 3 minutes were for cross questioning by the judges and audience. Participants had to present the name of their product/company, the problem it solves, its novelty, design, competitors, risks, and investment plan.

The inspiring winning pitches were-

🥇 CODE CAN CURE by Chandan Kumar and Gayatri Brahmandam (An AI monitoring and relaying information to the emergency department via encrypted blockchain in real time)

🥈 SAHAYATAM by Dr Greeshma, Dr Anshu and Amisha Raghav (A toll free number and app to send patient information from the ambulance to make triage at the hospital easy)

🥉SatelliteSOS by Sanjana M.K, Shifa, Yaajnavalkya and Morvin (A map operated ambulance procuring service)

The event concluded with felicitation and prize distribution to commemorate the winners. We look forward to more creative and ingenious events organised by incandescent bringing forth the entrepreneur in medicos. 



The various presentations were held on 3rd August, 2023. They included the pre and para clinical case presentations, the clinical case presentations, along with the poster presentations. The participants had to submit their abstracts beforehand and out of those, 12 people were selected to present their pre and para clinical cases, 15 were selected to present their clinical cases while the rest of the people got a chance to showcase their posters on exciting cases with new management approaches or those that are so rare that their diagnosis is a challenge for clinicians everywhere.

These were a very good way to make clinicians aware about new management techniques and the presentation and diagnostic challenges of the more unique cases. 

The case presentation involved participants explaining their cases with the help of a PowerPoint presentation while the judges quizzed them about different aspects of the case. 

For the poster presentation, boards were arranged in TMA Pai hall and participants had to bring their posters and explain them to the various judges and people milling around, while fielding questions for the same. 

The judges for the pre and para clinical presentations included: Dr. Rohini Punja from the Anatomy department and Dr. Ranjini Kudva from the Pathology department. 

The judges for the clinical presentations included: Dr. Shruti Bharadwaj, from the Paediatrics department, Dr. Shripad Hebbar, from the OBG department,  Dr. Rama Bhat, from the Medicine department, Dr. Yogesh Kamath, from the Ophthalmology department and Dr. K. Rajgopal Shenoy, from the Surgery department. 

The judges for the poster presentations included various doctors from their respective departments. 


The case presentations took place on 3rd august 2023 covering surgery, paediatrics, OBG, medicine, infectious medicine, ENT, ophthalmology and forensic medicine. There were oral presentations in which participants were given 5 minutes to present followed by 3 minutes of cross questioning by the judges. The poster presentations took place in TMA Pai hall and participants were given 3 minutes to explain their posters and 2 minutes to answer the questions by the judges. Poster presentations had close to 90 participants and oral presentations had 28 teams competing. 

The judges from paediatrics were Dr Shruti Bhardwaj and Dr Sandeep kumar, OBG- Dr Jayaram Nambiar and Dr. Akhila, Surgery- Dr Veena Karnath and Dr Vivek Vishwanath, Medicine- Dr Mukhyaprana Prabhu, Dr Shivashankar, Dr Raghavendra Rao and Dr Chandana Acharya, Forensic- Dr Shankar and Dr Ashwini, ENT- Dr Balakrishna and Dr Devaraja and finally, Dr neetha for ophthalmology.

The students presented the patient history, lab results, vitals, case risks and the treatment procedure in the oral presentations. The posters had an introduction to objectives, methods used, result and conclusion. The participants were judged on their overall presentation, knowledge, articulation and questions answered about their case.

The talented winners were

📊Paper/Research Presentation-

🏆1st Place : Ashel Chelsea D’Souza 

🏆2nd Place : Dr Gresham Unnikrishnan

🏆3rd Place : Sai Sriya Yadavalli

🔖Case Pre and Para Clinical Oral Presentation-

🏆1st Place : Madhumita Mishra

🏆2nd Place : Harshvardhan Sai S

🔖Case Clinical Oral Presentation-

🏆1st Place : Sarayu Theresa Abrahams

🏆2nd Place : Kanishk Gupta

📑Case Pre and Para Clinical Poster Presentation

🏆1st Place : Janavi Sudhir

🏆2nd Place: Pranavi Poddar

📑Case Clinical Poster Presentation

🏆1st Place : Deekshita Aiyer

🏆2nd Place : Arundati Negi and Megha Somraj   

Congratulations to all the winners.


The very anticipated Keynote speech on ‘Difficult Conversations with Patients’ started off at 10.30 and was attended by almost the whole college. The speaker, Dr Santosh K. Chaturvedi, former Dean of NIMHNS, Bangalore, took a very interactive approach to the speech because conversations cannot be taught by just talking about them.

He discussed the purpose of communication with the patients which is to determine how the patient wants to participate in decision-making, understanding the implications and maximising the chances that patients follow the said decision. He spoke to the attendees and asked them their approach on various scenarios and incidences on how they will make difficult conversations easier. He advised them to first listen, understand what the patient is asking for and then respond, rather than assuming. The auditorium left with a newfound appreciation on listening and how to conduct proper and fruitful conversations with their patients. It was an interesting and helpful talk for all the doctors as well as to-be doctors.


To enhance the true spirit of education and knowledge, participants gathered for Symposium, a platform Meliora 2023 provided to allow students to teach topics of their choice. 

A total of 13 teams from various different colleges participated. The abstracts were submitted and top 15 of them were orally presented. Students ranging from MBBS 1st year to internship, used powerpoint presentations and innovative methods to teach different topics like Floroquinolones, Osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s, Breast Cancer and more.

The winners were –

🥇Aditi K, Chad Ansar, Ashwin K, Viha Jain

🥈Harleen Kaur, Mohammed Sameer Ahmad, Sahajana Srikanth, Pranjali Dhar Dwivedi, Sanjana Kamath Panchmal

🥉Maneesha Sarma, Kalyani Gopal, Arathi B


On 4th  August 2023, as part of the megafest VEDAM, an Obstetrics and Neonatal Skills workshop was held in the Skills Lab of the Anatomy Department of Kasturba Medical College.

The workshop was made possible by the collaboration of the Department of Paediatrics and Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

It was a one-of-a-kind workshop  focusing on key and critical aspects of many real life procedures and skills like Neonatal CPR, bag valve maneuvers, and episiotomies.

A total of more than sixty enthusiastic medical students from various colleges attended the high yield workshop.

The workshop was executed in two phases and batches, the first being under the Department of Paediatrics, teaching essential skills like Neonatal CPR, bag valve manoeuvres, etc., and

Second, under the aegis of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, addressing and teaching the real-life clinical aspects of Birthing and episiotomy.

With experienced doctors and professors like

Dr. Jayaraman Nambiar from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Head of Department, Paediatrics Department  Dr. Leslie Edward S. Lewis teaching the necessary skills , left no stone unturned in imparting best-in-class clinical knowledge with real-life simulations to the students.

At the end of the workshop, the content and gleaming eyes of the participants were a true testimony to the success of the workshop.

This power-packed workshop was a success due to the collaborative efforts of Team Vedam with the respective departments involved.


On 5th August 2023, Meliora brought to KMC the ECG Simulation workshop. Held from 9:00am to 11:00am, the workshop took place in TMA Pai Hall 3. Engaging the participants in the world of Cardiology was the esteemed speaker of the event, Dr Mukund, Associate Professor of Cardiology and Eminent Electrophysiologist.
The workshop started from the basics of reading an Electrocardiogram, understanding the standard lead systems, ECG paper calibration and correlating graphs to the normal physiology of the heart. With an array of ECGs and elaborate explanations by Dr.Mukund to assist them, the attendees then navigated through abnormal pathologies of the heart as seen on the ECG. From Heart Blocks and Tachycardia to Ischaemia and Ventricular Hypertrophies, the workshop covered it all, with detailed ECG simulations to aid the learning beyond what is taught in the classroom.
Informative, engaging and crisp, this workshop was a perfect way to equip medical students with one of the essentials of Cardiology.


The last day of Vedam, 5th august 2023, was graced by accomplished doctors who sat down together for a stimulating and insightful panel discussion about the age-old dichotomy of medicine vs surgery. The panel consisted Dr. Archith Boloor(Additional Professor, Dept. Of Medicine, KMC Mangalore and Author of Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates-Medicine) and Dr. Manjunath Hande (Professor and Head of Unit, Dept. Of General Medicine, KMC Manipal) representing medicine. The surgery side was represented by Dr. Shrirama Bhat (Professor and Head of Unit, Dept. Of Surgery, KMC Mangalore and Author of SRBs Manual of Surgery) and Dr. Rajgipal Shenoy (Professor and Head of Unit, Dept. Of Surgery, KMC Manipal and Author of Manipal Manual of Surgery). The moderator was Dr. Rachana (Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, KMC Manipal) and assisting her was Saraeu Sai Vangala (PY-1 MBBS Student, KMC Manipal) as the junior moderator.

The guests were given token of appreciation and then the riveting discussion started as the audience listened enthralled and captured by every word. The doctors were asked their motivation in choosing their respective fields and how was their life as a medicine student during residency. The panellists stressed upon the importance of good teachers to keep the student motivated and the need for being passionate about your job. The surgeons emphasized on being disciplined and treating time preciously. They leave a signature on the patient’s body and hence they must be responsible, have empathy and no place for arrogance.

Moving on to serious topics like violence against doctors and work life balance the physicians emphasized on the need for strong and open communication with the patient’s family in testing times. The doctor should not loose his temper and cooly diffuse the situation at hand. The surgeons added on the importance of informed consent and the need to make a connection and practice active communication with the patient especially in present times where internet has made everyone aware and informed.

The panellists shared rare cases thy treated and how they studied as students. They focused on experience learning stating that the patient is the most important teacher in medicine. Other topics discussed included the effect of artificial intelligence on medicine, the need for super specialisation and medicine in India vs abroad. And with this the captivating panel discussion came to a successful conclusion.

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