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The bright morning of 1st August, 2023 saw the start of the most awaited event, Vedam. The very first edition of Vedam, a joined alliance between Meliora, the scientific conference of KMC Manipal and Asterion,  the Academic Fest of KMC Manipal, where brilliant minds from various states and medical colleges gathered to share insights, challenge paradigms, and explore the frontiers of knowledge.

The opening ceremony was held in T.M.A Pai hall and was graced by the presence of our Pro chancellor Dr. H.S Ballal, Dean Dr. Padmaraj Hegde and Associate Dean Dr. Krishnananda Prabhu. The ceremony started with the auspicious lightning of the lamp by the dignitaries. This was accompanied by the melodious prayer sung by Sriya Yadavalli.

Following this Dr. H.S Ballal lifted the veil and inaugurated Vedam and introduced the audience to Meliora and Asterion, the two parts of the 5 day academic feast. Dr. Ballal spoke about the great legacy of our founder Dr. T.M.A Pai and his vision for excellence. He acquainted the participants to Manipal and urged them to explore and experience all its beauty. Harsha Sadineni and Sukriti Chugh(SRF Secretary) familiarised the audience with Asterion that is hosted by the 3 academic clubs of KMC- Cutting Edge, Justitia and Tempus Pretioso.

The guests were presented with tokens of appreciation. Organising secretary, Prakhar Yadav presented a memento to Dr. HS Ballal, Adish Joshi (President, Cutting Edge) to Dr. Padmaraj Hegde, Sukriti to Dr Naveen Salins, Harsha (President,Tempus Pretioso) to Dr. Anil Bhat and Sriya (President, Justitia) to Dr. Krishnananda Prabhu. The organising secretaries gave tokens of gratitude to faculty advisers Dr. Vimal Krishnan, Dr. Vinod Nayak and Dr. Shankar Bakkannavar

The ceremony was concluded with a vote of thanks given by Ayushman and Aditi (President and Vice President of the Student Council) to all the judges, participants, organisers, and staff for their support. On this happy note, let’s look forward to a splendid, educational and entertaining Vedam 2023 that helps participants gain experience and broaden their horizons.

Read more about Asterion and Meliora and C’est la Vie, a charity event organized by Social Welfare Committee of KMC Manipal

Valedictory Ceremony

After 5 days of continuous workshops, presentations, events and games, came the most awaited Valedictory Ceremony of Vedam 2023, the first edition of KMC Manipal’s Academic Conference. 

The ceremony started off with the felicitation of Dr. Arvind Kumar Pandey, Dr. Shankar Bakkanavar, Dr. Joseph Thomas and Dr. Vimal Krishnan. 

Then, Adish Joshi and Sai Sriya Yadavalli, took over the podium as the organising chairpersons, and talked about how traversing these uncharted waters lead to a very successful first academic conference with over 400 registrations. They thanked the college, crew, and participants for making this possible. 

Sukriti Chugh, the SRF Secretary expressed her appreciation to the Asterion and Meliora members. She spoke about how the exciting events like MUN, Pacman- MD, Enigma, etc. Then, Ayushman Kashyap, the President of the Student Council, elaborated on how this was one of an experience and moulded the teamwork spirit of everyone involved. He especially thanked the Organising Chairpersons.

The heartfelt speeches were followed by the prize distribution of each event. The hall emptied with proud and  delighted faces, marking a joyous end to the fest.

Design: Vedam, KMC Manipal
Photography: Pranav Venugopal, Ayush rana The Editorial Board KMC
Writer: Ayeshani Mishra, Sanshrita Khamesra  The Editorial Board KMC
Uploaded by: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board KMC