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C’est la Vie ’23

The evening of 4th August was host to Vedam’s much awaited Gala Night. In collaboration with the Social Welfare Committee of KMC, Manipal, the night was celebrated in the grand hall of TMA Pai Hall 2 to the loud sounds of music and laughter. 

From 7 P.M. onwards, participants of Vedam streamed into the hall dressed to the nines and were greeted with the sight of a completely redecorated venue. The remarkable decor included posters celebrating retro video games and photobooths inspired by the iconic Pac-Man and Mario, where members of Lumen clicked pictures to help the attendees mark the night with a special memory. 

With lights that splashed the room in every colour of the rainbow and the rhythmic beats of the music curated by DJ Samyak, it was no wonder that everyone who showed up had a fun time on the dancefloor. As they danced with reckless abandon, the sounds of their joy could be heard over the thumping beats of the music.

Game stalls were set up across the hall, and those who attended could be seen having fun at games like Juice Pong and and a makeshift 10-pin bowling alley. Those who weren’t on the dance floor or at the game stalls were simply revelling in the lively ambiance as they munched on delicious burgers and fries from Planet Café. Oftentimes, people would wander away from the crowd and refresh themselves with the lemon iced tea offered by the organisers, while others simply met new strangers or old friends and made conversation. 

All in all, everyone had an amazing time and the night was truly a memorable one as people took photos to look back and smile upon, and the entry number stamped on everyone reminded them the next day of the fun memories they’d made the previous night.

Photography: Pavan Krishnan, Samir Gulati (Associate Editor) The Editorial Board KMC
Writer: Rohita Mahesh  The Editorial Board KMC
Uploaded by: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board KMC