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Tempus Pretioso: learn em skills

On the evenings of 6th and 7th of October, Tempus Pretioso, the emergency medicine enthusiasts club of KMC Manipal, held a workshop titled ‘Learn EM Skills‘, exclusively for the freshman batch of 2023.

The event was aimed at introducing the Freshers to elementary level, key skills used in medical practice. These included Glasgow Coma Scale, management of hypoglycemia and dehydration, assessment of Jugular Venous Pressure and Blood Pressure, Auscultation and assessment of respiratory and cardiac sounds, as well as management of sprains and spliting.

Demonstrations at stations were followed by the participants gaining hands-on experience with each skill, guided by the members of Tempus Pretioso.
After an enthusiastic participation with each skill, the event was concluded with a fun Trivia Night that tested the participants on the knowledge they had gained through the course of the evening. The top two teams went head-to-head in a CPR challenge, where they pushed themselves to give multiple cycles of chest compressions for as much time as possible, ending the evening on an exciting and energetic note


  • Design Credits: Tempus Pretioso, KMC Manipal
  • Writing Credits: Tanvee Walia, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal
  • Photography Credits: Pavan Krishnan, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal
  • Uploaded by: Vaishnavi Singh, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal