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On 28th October 2023, SRF held an informative talk on a riveting topic: “Letters To The Editor”. Dr Naveen S Salins and Dr Krishnananda Prabhu were the honourable speakers involved. Dr Salins is a professor in the Department of Palliative Medicine, an academic mentor to the junior doctors and junior faculty, and a PhD guide.

“Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating are the higher levels of learning. These cannot be acquired within the classroom” he said at the outset, encouraging students to begin engaging in research. One opportunity for novices to do this is writing letters to the editor.

Over a half hour, Sir succinctly defined and explained the matter at hand. Students left with a knowledge of how to plan, structure, write and edit an effective and relevant piece of criticism.

Dr Krishnananda Prabhu, a core faculty of the medical education unit, then offered some words of motivation to the interested and budding researchers in the field.

Design: SRF, KMC
Writing: Mariyah Haji, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Photography: Pavan Krishnan, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Uploaded by: Vaishnavi Singh, The Editorial Board KMC.