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RRR( Revive. Relax. Re-energize) was organised by FITVIB, the Fitness Club of KMC Manipal. The event aimed to kindle the flame of enthusiasm towards fitness and healthy living among the students of Manipal through various fun activities.

The event started with a brief introduction about nutrition, and a talk on how we can tailor our diet to meet our needs without too many restrictions and limitations. This was followed by a quiz that consisted of a blend of trivia and educational questions.

Next came an energetic Zumba session, which was conducted by the members of the Physical Fitness team. The participants followed their instructors’ lead with verve and enthusiasm. The short 15 minute session was an exciting way to get the heart rate up, all while having enormous fun!

After the adrenaline rush that came with the Zumba session, the Yoga Department stepped in to help the participants relax and cool down. They conducted a yoga session that consisted of various asanas meant to improve flexibility and facilitate relaxation. This was followed by breathing exercises or pranayama and shavasan, which helped ease everyone into a state of tranquility.

Thus, the event ended on a peaceful note and left the participants refreshed and invigorated.


Design byFITVIB, Manipal
Written byMrunmayee Nerlikar, The Editorial Board, KMC
Photography by : Kartik Bhateja, The Editorial Board, KMC
Upload by : Alisha Chrissel Lobo, The Editorial Board, KMC