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Pitchwell 2023

Pitchwell 2023, was an event conducted by Incandescent, the Innovation club of KMC Manipal, on the 11th of September, 2023. Pitchwell was an informal brainstorming session where the participants came up with simple problem statements, regarding problems that they had faced around the KMC campus and then they would then come up with solutions or business models for the same.

A total of 9 teams attended with 3-4 people each. Every team also had a guide from the Incandescent committee who guided them through the whole process. Dr. Joseph Thomas, Associate Professor, Dept of Plastic Surgery, and Faculty Advisor for Incandescent, was also present to observe the event and shared a few words of encouragement in the end to all the participants.

The winners were:

🥇Kartikay and Adarsh

🥈Sneha, Astha, Tanishka, Shreya

🥉Adrina, Mitali, Dhun, Mokshita.

All of the winners were from the 2024 batch!

Photgraphy: Pranav Bansal, The Editorial Board KMC
Writing: Adish Govind Joshi The Editorial Board KMC
Coverage: Sourabh Singh The Editorial Board KMC