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Photography Workshop at Purple Space Library by LUMEN

LUMEN the photography club of KMC widened its horizons to take the passion for teaching and learning photography beyond the realms of  KMC. 

On 14th October, LUMEN members conducted a workshop – “ABCs of Photography” in Purple Space Library, Manipal. The workshop had kids of diverse ages with the oldest being 15 and the youngest 6 years old.

The workshop started off with a friendly chat between 2nd year KMC students Pranav, Spoorthy, Sanit, Anusha and the participants. 

Like the usual format, the learning commenced with delving into the exposure triangle, the 3 pillars of photography : Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed.

Considering the fact that the audience was younger than usual the content was simplified and customized, but to our surprise the kids displayed astounding sharpness and quickly grasped all the concepts. The presentation was met with clever questions and endearing enthusiasm.

This was followed by the much awaited practical session wherein everyone went outside to apply what they have learnt, clicking of pictures of everything from flowers to their teachers themselves!

To keep the kids actively engaged and to make them experiment in order to make the most of the workshop, Pallavi -the woman behind Purple Space wanted an interesting contest following the workshop. So the participants were given themes like – Nature, Architecture, Street photography and asked to click pictures exhibiting them during their holidays.  We can’t to see the art that these little bright minds come up with!  Pallavi plans to have LUMEN members have a session discussing the photos clicked and having a small exhibition with the best ones

Writing Credits: Anusha Gupta, Head of PR and Writing, LUMEN

Photography Credits: Sanit Kumar, Head of Organising and Pranav Venugopal, Vice President, LUMEN

Uploaded By: Raghav Gupta, Treasurer, KMC Student Council