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LitCipher – Literary Event

The Literary Committee of KMC Manipal organized Lit-Cipher, a festive literary event which sought to celebrate art and poetry, amidst the monsoon days that have taken over Manipal. With “Lost in Translation” as the theme, the event spanned over two days July 26 – July 27, 2023.

Day 1

The first day saw interesting events like Relay Writing, Slam Poetry, Calligraphy Writing and Shipwrecked take place with fervor and enthusiasm. 

Slam Poetry saw eager participants walk up to the stage and speak their hearts out in lyrical prose and immaculate gestures. Talent seemed to pour out onstage as they took hold of the audience with their powerful voices. The top three positions were acquired by Garima Shukla, Vishnukant and Dhriti Bharadwaj. 

Calligraphy writing saw participants go head to head in a competition which tested their ability to illustrate words with smooth lines and elegant curves. The artists created exquisite material out of the words allotted to them and the three participants who emerged victorious were Anjali Manikandan, Ishika Jain and Liana Maria Joseph with special mention to Naitik. 

Relay writing was an event which tested the ability of teams to work as a unit in the creation of a story based on prompts. With two writers being kept in the dark about the content of each other’s story, the editor was tasked with the difficult job of piecing the two together. The teams which were able to spin the best stories were Jagruti, Yogesh and Manas followed by Arunisha, Ayeshani and Mihir. 

The day ended with an event which promised unadulterated fun and it was able to deliver more than that. It observed the participants’ ability to convince the judge of their resourcefulness while trying to sabotage the other participants’ appeal through well curated speeches and monologues. Arjun Khade, Pranav Venugopal and Parth Vij took their positions on the podium with an honorable mention of Arham Parvez. 

Day 2

The second day of their very first literary fest LITCIPHER called on all the creative minds around the campus, the event was met with enthusiastic participants from the students.

The following events were held on day 2

The General Quiz organized by the masterful collaboration between the quizzing club, Inquizition and the literary committee challenged the knowledge of the quizzers in a wide range of topics. An impressive participation was seen with 21 teams competing. A preliminary round was conducted after which 6 teams qualified to the final round. The three winning teams were

🥇 Sushant Shekhar, Athar Hussain

🥈 Agarwal Sujal Ramesh, Anirudh

🥉 Annappakamath, Vishwas pai, Nitin pai

A tattoo-making event hosted in collaboration with Artefact catered to the artistic talents of the participants where the artist showed their creative designs on the models. The four prompts given included flora and fauna, cartoons, birds and snakes. From the wide array of beautiful tattoos, the winning teams were

🥇 Kirti Gaur, Anany Jaiswal

🥈 Mehnaaz Masoud, Shubhangi

🥉 Laabhanya Mohpal, Aastha Singh

Finally, the literary committee with KMCs dramatics club Aaghaz organised the first ever cohesive scriptwriting plus acting workshop cum competition, Scriptify. Participants were first taught the intricacies of screenplay with the help of several movie scenes adapted from novels. Every segment was decoded and discussed masterfully helping the participants gain insight on how fiction comes to frames.Post workshop a challenge round was held in which the 6 teams competed. The actors enacted the screenplays written by their teams’ writers and the winning teams were

🥇 Parth, Asim, Vanshika, Rajshree

🥈 Adran, Hardik, Karthikeya, Sibyl, Harichandana, Mandar

With that LITCIPHER, the first literary feast of KMC Manipal, was successfully conducted in collaboration with various other clubs hosting the brilliant and creative minds to express themselves and widen their horizons.

Design: Literary Committee, KMC Manipal
Photography: Arnav, Anusha Srivastava, Shivansh Singh, Samir Gulati (Associate Editor), Pranav Bansal, Yash Yadav, Pavan The Editorial Board KMC
Writer: Vaishnavi Katiyar, Sanshrita The Editorial Board KMC
Uploaded by: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board KMC