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incision to innovation

Incision to Innovation was an event organized by MGoKB and Incandescent– The innovation club of KMC Manipal. It was held at TMA Pai Hall on the 31st of October which saw 80 people come together to listen to Dr Joseph Thomas of the Department of Plastic Surgery.

The event highlighted the importance of innovation in medicine and the need to have youth that is interested in making life saving products available at accessible rates. A full time working doctor and a founder of two companies he built from the ground up, he eloquently spoke about the mechanics of motivation that drive people to innovate and create. This was followed by a Q&A session with the guest invigorated the audience to discover the different facets of invention.

The Presidents of MGoKB and Incandescent, Mr Aashish Kalidindi and Mr Pranav Venugopal, felicitated Dr Joseph Thomas and the Vice President, Ms Ananya Bohra delivered the vote of thanks.

Design: MGoKB and Incandescent, KMC
Writing: Vaishnavi Katiyar, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Photography: Yash Yadav, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Uploaded by: Vaishnavi Singh, The Editorial Board KMC.