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Impressions 2023

On 1st September 2023, the members of Editorial Board and Artefact of KMC Manipal organized an exhibition of beautiful paintings, poetry, and photographs for ‘Impressions’ to welcome the new batch of medical students to KMC.

Each new students were given an envelope containing a handwritten note of advice for college from the seniors to their juniors. The new students and their parents appreciated the spectacular array of art work, taking photos and enjoying breakfast whilst they got acquainted with one another. The exhibition featured beautiful canvas paintings, digital art, poetry and photographs clicked by various members showcasing the vibrant life at Manipal and its beauty.  

With such a remarkable first impression we welcome the new batch of 2023 wholeheartedly and wish them all the very best in their journey to become accomplished doctors and serve the community.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Written by: Sanshrita, The Editorial Board, KMC
Photography by: Hasmita Ganeshuni, The Editorial Board, KMC
Coverage By: Alisha Chrissel Lobo, The Editorial Board, KMC