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Wednesday, 29th June, was marked by fun, excitement and the enthusiastic laughter of children. Team 3D, an NGO dedicated to raising reproductive health awareness, held the event ‘Expressions’ in collaboration with The Editorial Board, The Literary Committee, Lumen (Photography club of KMC), Aaghaaz, and Tempus Pretioso.

‘Expressions’, which was its 5th edition, was a unique combination of knowledge dissemination in the semblance of a series of convivial events. This was the 5th edition of Expressions hosted by the team 3D. The events were held in TMA Pai halls. As the clock struck 10:00 (am) ‘Expressions’ started with full vigour and zeal, with the hosts Sourabh and Khushi, both members of 3D, emceeing for the entire event. The TMA Pai Hall 3 was jam-packed with students from several different schools. After the much-awaited announcement of the various events, the invocation and the auspicious lighting of lamp ceremony took place under the presence of the chief guest: Dr. Krishnanand Prabhu, Associate Dean at Kasturba Medical College, the esteemed guest of honour: Dr. S. Hebbar (Head of Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology), and, the founder of the 3D NGO: Dr. Deeksha Pandey.

The welcome address was given by Siddharth Garg, a member of 3D, who thanked all the judges, students, and teachers accompanying them, to the venue and wishing them all the very best for the competitions. Followed by this was Radhika, a member of 3D, who stepped forward and talked about 3D, its goals, its origins, and how it has grown to the organization it is today. She thanked the members of Team 3D for working so tirelessly for making this event possible. There was applause after every address showing how eager the children were for the event.

This was followed by a speech by the chief guest of the event. Dr. Krishnanand Prabhu in which he addressed the need to impart knowledge regarding sexual health and also gave an ominous speech about the dangers that misinformation regarding STDs, and sexual health. He ended the speech by stating that after seeing such a huge turnout for the event, he was positive that today’s youth is capable of taking the reins for the future and growing up to be well-informed citizens of the future. Next, Dr. S. Hebbar, the guest of honour for the event, emphasized the importance of extracurriculars in a student’s life. Last but not least, Shubham Goyal, the Joint secretary of 3D, explained the rules of the competitions that were going to take place.

ELOCUTION (Whisper Loud)

The events kicked off with elocution on the theme “CHANGES IN PUBERTY”. There was a three-minute time limit. They were judged on relevance to theme, presentation, and ability to connect to the audience. It was quite commendable. This event was judged by: Dr. Vidya Ma’am, Dr. Sunaya Ma’am, and Dr. Mridula ma’am


The next event in line was Slam Poetry on theme “MENTAL HEALTH DURING PUBERTY”. The participants poured their souls into presenting their original pieces of work. Their melodious voices rang like a fine tune in the ears of the audience. The judges for this event were Dr. Lydia ma’am,    Dr. Eshwari, and Dr. Sushma ma’am


It was an open theme event in which children exercised their creativity to the fullest and children demonstrated great skill and teamwork. The students made rangolis on themes like doctors, nature, and aquatic life forms. The judges were: Dr. Chandni ma’am, Usha ma’am, and Dr. Preetha ma’am


Individual photographs on the theme “BODY POSITIVITY AND GENDER EQUALITY” were pasted along with their slot numbers. The arrangement of this beautiful canvas was made possible by the LUMEN members’ efforts and hard work. This competition was judged by: Dr. Reena ma’am, Dr. Vinod sir, and Dr. Viwal ma’am.

POSTER MAKING (Draw-a-thon)

Participants were given two hours to prepare posters on the theme “ACCESS TO CONTRACEPTION“. The students were allotted one minute to present their posters. This competition was judged by:   Dr. Arvind sir, Dr. Suhani ma’am and Upasana ma’am.

In between these events, short breaks were taken so the experience doesn’t become too tiring for our participants and the hosts made sure that the entertainment didn’t stop! From Sourabh being the ’Ghost Host’ to Khushi coming with her witty mind teasers, this duo made sure that the laughter and flow of energy doesn’t stop throughout the event.

Everyone got to experience a melodious and soulful singing performance given by Inesh Vij. After the conclusion of the competitions, everyone had a light laughter session by Aniket through his stand-up comedy.

Unknown to the students, another exciting learning opportunity was just waiting to unfold, a workshop conducted by Tempus Pretioso on CPR. The students showed great enthusiasm in learning this life-saving skill representing the model citizens they would grow up to be.

At the end, the long-awaited, winners of the competitions, were announced. The students awaited the results with great anticipation. The winners were given certificates and cash prizes. All participants were given participation certificates.


Whisper Loud
  1. Kirsten Wilfred Coelho (Little Rock Indian School)
  2. Pearl Andrea D’Souza (Little Rock Indian School)
  3. Ashwini Kamath (Little Rock Indian School)
  1. Purvi (St Mary’s)
  2. Himani R Shetty (Little Rock Indian School)
  3. Chris Maria Binu (Little Rock Indian School)
  1. Akshatha G (Little Rock Indian School)
  2. Prathiksha G Poojary (Little Rock Indian School)
  3. Blanca (St Mary’s)
  • School
    1. Winsten Banji (SMS EMS)
    2. Shramanth G Shetty (SMS EMS)
    3. Tasrifa Banu (Little Rock Indian School)
  • College
    1. Pranav Venugopal (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal)
    2. Akhhil M (Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
    3. Fatima Sayeed (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal)
Rang Tarang
  1. Krupa Bhat, Krithi K Acharya, Harini S (Little Rock Indian School)
  2. Iccha Talekar, Sahana, Aditi K Nayak, Vaishnavi (Christ School)
  3. Ullaswini, Yashaswini, Niyathi, Hamsavarthani (GM Vidyaniketan)

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Written by : Jayendra Singh, The Editorial Board KMC
Design by : Team 3D
Photography by: Hasmita Ganesuni, Pranav Venugopal, Manas Agarwal, Bhavye Bhatia , The Editorial Board KMC
Uploaded by : Sourabh Singh , The Editorial Board KMC