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DATE: 30 May
Tempus introduced a fast-paced treasure hunt for EM may this year, participants rushed from station to station all over campus, solving cases. Solve correctly the fastest, get the password and always be on the move, sounds simple but it had everyone on their toes.

First years were seen running around the entire campus from station to station, 2nd years ended up taking the cake and winning all three positions for the event, with Stuti Arora and Aatish Karak winning 1st place, Vedant Datta and Samir Gulati coming 2nd.

DATE: 31 May
In this indoors event with multiple rounds, Tempus brought back some of their favourites like do or diegnose along with some new games like the EMscape Room. Each round had a new challenge, and fewer teams. The pop culture quiz was a crowd favorite, with videos from a plethora of movies to keep you hooked.

Not to anyone’s wonder, due to their stellar performance, the finalists included first years as well. First year Hiteshi and final year Ritvik teamed up to bag the first place.
All in all, the event was an amalgam of old knowledge with new skills.

Check Out event images here


Organised by : Tempus Pretiouso
Design by: Srived , Tempus Pretiouso
Photography by: Samir Gulati, Kartik Bhateja, The Editorial Board
Written by: Sudiksha , The Editorial Board
Uploaded by: Sourabh Singh , The Editorial Board