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Returning with their most anticipated event of the year, Cutting Edge, The Student Surgical Society of KMC Manipal, conducted The Suturing Workshop in the Interact Halls on 20th and 21st July 2023. Spanning over two days, the workshop promised to equip the invigorated participants with the skills of four different sutures.

The doors were wide open, welcoming Cutting Edge members from all four academic years, starting from the absolute basics of suturing to teaching three additional sutures. Splitting into groups of 4 to 5 people they learnt the Simple Interrupted, Simple Continuous, Vertical Mattress and Horizontal Mattress sutures. Teaching the intricacies of the technique as well as the medical applications of each suture, the workshop embellished the participants with knowledge of OT skills before ever scrubbing in!

Hoping to share their passion for surgery with the participants, Cutting Edge delivered an immaculate job handling the vivacious response, ensuring that every member learns the skills to perfection, providing each young aspiring surgeon with their personal suturing kits, suturing pads and most importantly undivided attention.

As the students finished learning the sutures, the excitement was not over just yet. Infusing a cascade of adrenaline and reviving the spirit of competition, a quiz was the perfect way to culminate the event. Keeping the participants thoroughly engaged, it challenged their memory and intellect as they raced up the leaderboard.

🥇Vrishan Shetty, first year

🥈Janavi Sudhir, first year

🥉Dhriti Goyal, first year

With that, the biggest Cutting Edge workshop of the year came to an end. With two rooms full of inspired medical students, it left great promise for our future surgeons and has us eagerly awaiting what comes next from Cutting Edge.

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Design credits: Cutting Edge

Writing credits: Prakhya Gupta, The Editorial Board, KMC

Photography credits: Yash Rao and Shivansh Singh, The Editorial Board, KMC

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