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CrossFire : Justitia

Justitia, the forensic medicine club of KMC Manipal, organized ‘Crossfire’ on the 17th of July with their usual wit and ingenuity. It was an event which sought to test the participants’ ability to solve ciphers and riddles to decode the mystery which was shrouded in secrecy and espionage.

Justitia proved to be masterminds at creating a course of intellectually stimulating hurdles which centered around finding the spies that threatened to upend operations of the lawful and criminal. 

Interact Halls served as the perfect lair of the criminal mastermind that was aided by the monsoon showers which have enveloped Manipal. The participants were tasked to come up with answers to tricky questions, which served as gateways to advancing further into the competition. The teams were split in an effort to throw them off but several teams managed to team up and make their way to the second stage of the event. 

Solving a cryptic riddle led them to another room which served as the last destination for the finalists. The final riddle pointed towards a poison which threatened the participants’ lives; however, three teams managed to solve the case and win against time. 

🥇 Ayushman Kashyap and Aatish Karak 

🥈Manasi Jain and Vishnu Kallepali 

🥉Advait Dubey and Arham Parvez 

We congratulate the teams for putting up an amazing show! 

Design: Justitia, The Forensic Medicine Club, KMC Manipal
Photography: Anusha Srivastava, Pranav Venugopal, The Editorial Board
Caption: Vaishnavi Katiyar, The Editorial Board
Coverage: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board