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Council handover ceremony 2023

On the glorious evening of 11th July 2023, the student council of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal acceded as the representatives of the student body for the term 2023-24. Committee members and class representatives from each year dressed impeccably in formals and attended the beautiful ceremony held in Dr. TMA Pai Hall 3.
The function began with the auspicious lamp lighting by ProVice Chancellor Dr. Sharath Rao, Dean Dr. Padmaraj Hegde, Associate Deans, Dr. Anil Bhat, Dr. Naveen Salins, Dr. Krishnanand Prabhu and Dr. Kanthilatha Pai, Core Council Faculty Advisors, Dr. Vinod Nayak and Dr. Arvind Kumar Pandey, as well as the former student council president, Ms. Shivani Yadav, and current council president, Mr. Ayushman Kashyap.

Moderated by Vanshita Kapoor and Arham Parvez, the event was adorned with heartfelt speeches, starting with the Dean, Dr. Padmaraj Hegde, who applauded the previous council for their continuous efforts in making the year a successful one. He highlighted the importance of how co-curriculars shape a human being and congratulated the present-day council for earning the deserved positions and acting as bridges between the administration and the students.

The next speech was by ProVice Chancellor Dr. Sharath K. Rao, who focused on leadership qualities and the need to hold accountability and responsibility for you, as well as guiding those around you. He appreciated the current president on his skills and praised the student body.

He was followed by the previous student council president, Ms. Shivani Yadav, who gave a heartfelt speech about her tenure as president and her experiences, expressing special thanks to all who supported her. She talked about always believing in and upholding one’s morals no matter what comes up. She also congratulated and addressed the current council.

This proceeded onto the oath taking ceremony of the council 2023-24 where everyone present pledged to honor the responsibilities they’ve been trusted with.
The symbolic scroll was then passed on to the new council president Mr. Ayushman Kashyap by Ms. Shivani Yadav followed by distribution of the badges to the newly elected, honored by Dr. Padmaraj Hegde.

The current council members embellished the ceremony with heartfelt speeches expressing their determination to fulll their duties. It began with the charismatic President, Mr. Ayushman Kashyap, vowing to lead the council with resolve and vigour and thanking all those who made his journey possible—the former council, his fellow council members, the Sports Committee, his friends and his family. Leaving us with a meaningful quote by his brother, he concluded his speech to roaring applause. His remarkable words and bold aspirations made it easy for anyone to see why the entire student body rooted for him to be the President.

He was followed by the Vice President, Ms. Aditi Raghuram, taking over from Mr. Utkarsh Agarwal. She thanked Ms. Shivani and Mr. Utkarsh for pushing her and always being there to answer any doubts that she had at any time of the day. She also thanked the SRF committee for supporting her like a family.

Next was the General Secretary, Mr. Rakshak Raman, taking over from Ms. Amrita Bedi. He applauded the Class Representatives for their commendable role in making the communication between the student council and administration easy.

The Joint Secretary, Mr. Ayush Rana, taking over from Mr. Anirudh Venkatesh, emphasized on establishing the universal claims portal for easier flow during fests like Verve and Invictus. He also thanked the Editorial Board for making him realize his potential.
He was followed by Judicial Secretary, Mr. Saurya Potluri taking over from Mr. Madhav Arora.

Completing the executive council, Treasurer, Mr. Raghav Gupta, for this term of the council and will also be heading the finance committee as well.

Then the committee heads took over, promising to lead their committees with robust determination.
Ms. Sukriti Chugh took over from Mr Vishnu Bharadwaj as the Student Research Forum Secretary, expressing her thanks for the opportunity and excitement to work with the new recruits and the organisation of Meliora no this term.

The Sports Secretary, Mr. Sahil Goel, taking over from Mr. Chirag Bhojwani, pledged to lead the committee with passion, hard work and dedication. He thanked the previous heads for their continuous support.

Ms. Jasneet Kalra took over from Ms. Shivika Saroagi as the Editor-in-Chief. She conveyed gratitude to the team she’s built and how the Editorial Board incorporates art, writing and photography as one.

The Social Welfare Committee Secretary, Ms. Sneha Saxena, taking over from Ms. Vartika Agarwal, thanked the committee for motivating and changing her and how she will aim to increase the volunteering activity in KMC.

Cultural Secretary, Ms. Sanjana Nanda, taking over from, Ms. Shubhra Moorthy, expressed interest in increasing the reach of cultural events in Invictus, Verve and Utsav, including outstation fests.

The Literary Secretary, Mr. Saad Khan, taking over from Ms. Kirti Gaur, articulated his appreciation for his committee and expressed thanks to his peers, seniors and family for guiding and supporting him.

The speeches were concluded with mentioning all the committee members followed by photographs taken at the well-designed photobooth by LUMEN and on the stage filled with numerous cheerful smiles.

The spectacular evening was concluded with a vote of thanks by the Vice President, Ms. Aditi Raghuram, followed by a sumptuous dinner

Design – Jasneet Kalra, Editor-in-Chief
Writers – Ayeshani Mishra, Rohita Mahesh,
The Editorial Board, KMC
Photographers – Samir Gulati (Associate Editor-in-chief), Pranav Venugopal, Pavan, Pranav Bansal, Yash Yadav,
The Editorial Board, KMC
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