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Colostomy workshop: Cutting Edge

On the 8th of June, Cutting Edge hosted Coloplast, a company that develops continence, interventional urology, wound and skin care products. This limited-entry Colostomy workshop was attended by 60+ people.

On the occasion of National Cancer Survivors Day, all proceeds from the workshop were donated to the Samiksha Foundation. It is an NGO that aims at increasing the happiness quotient of children with cancer through learning and creative activity. They enable children to continue their education while undergoing treatment. While their goal is non-medical, it complements the work of medical staff in supporting children and their families. The charity aspect of the event was handled by the Social Welfare Committee. The sale of stickers, appropriate to the theme and handmade by members of cutting edge, also went toward the cause.

The workshop itself was an hour-long session that allowed the participants to understand the procedure of care for a colostomy wound postoperatively. Mannequins and models were provided to allow participants to attempt the process for themselves. Equipment, from colostomy bags to various creams, powders and sprays that increase the comfort of the patient, were provided by Coloplast to allow hands-on learning. The event ended with thank-you tokens and refreshments.

The mission of Coloplast is to make life easier for people with intimate healthcare needs. This was certainly achieved within the workshop. Improving medical student’s understanding of the colostomy surgery as well as educating future healthcare professionals on post-operative caregiving for a colostomy wound certainly benefits patients in the future.


Design by: Cutting Edge, KMC

Written by: Mariyah Haji, The Editorial Board,KMC

Photography by: Pranav Venugopal,The Editorial Board,KMC

Uploaded by: Alisha Chrissel Lobo, The Editorial Board,KMC