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BGMI Tournament

The evening of 9th August saw students of KMC engaging in the first ever organized BGMI tournament. An initiative of ART3MIS, KMC’s newly founded E-sports and Gaming Club, it served as a homage to a game that is close to the hearts of millions of gamers around the world.

On July 28th, the Govt of India placed a ban on Krafton’s BGMI: Battlegrounds Mobile India under the purview of Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 with its subsequent removal from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This occasion gave the players one last chance to descend into the virtual battlefield and give it their all.

The event was saw five teams of four members each face off in three successive Battle Royale rounds in the Livik map. A meticulous scoring system was used that determined where the teams stood at the end of each round.

With the map reducing every few minutes, it was not only a race against each other but also a race against time. Multiple strategies and tactics were employed, with the best ones seeing success and garnering ‘Finishes.’

Team SS clinched the first round with a glorious final kill.

Team Satan won the second round with a nail-biting finish.

Continuing its streak, Team Satan also won the third and final round.

With the president of ART3MIS, Bhavye Bhatia, streaming the event for all to view, the spectators were kept engaged and on the edge of their seats as well. 

The final results seemed to be clear with Team Satan in 1st place, Team BD in 2nd place and Team SS in the 3rd place. However, a last-minute turn of the tables saw Team BD being disqualified, as it was found that one of its members used unfair means. Appropriate changes were made and the final scores are as follows:

1st position – Team Satan with 81 points

2nd position – Team SS with 63 points

3rd position – Team Hydranoid with 52 points

Congratulations to all the winners!

In conclusion, the event truly lived up to its core aim of celebrating a game that is loved by innumerable gaming souls and bidding it a fitting farewell.

Written by : Manaswini Mittal , The Editorial Board , KMC
Design by : Artemis Club, KMC Manipal
Uploaded by : Sourabh Singh , The Editorial Board KMC