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Basic Life Skills Workshop-TEMPUS PRETIOSO

On 6th and 8th of September, 2023, Tempus Pretioso, the emergency medicine enthusiasts club of KMC Manipal,  organized Basic Life Skills Workshops for the coming Freshers of the batch of 2023, as a part of their endeavors to spread the knowledge of emergency medicine amongst the masses. Guided by trained faculty from KMC, the members of Tempus Pretioso taught the skill of Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation to the enthusiastic students, taking them through various aspects of perfecting the technique, as well as performing it with two rescuers, and with the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. 

The students were provided hands-on experience with the skills, and mastered them with the aid of practice and meticulous instruction. They were also taught the Heimlich Maneuveur, as well as the management of choking in infants, following which the session was concluded with a quiz to assess the take-aways from the session.

Writing credits:Tanvee Walia, The Editorial Board, KMC

Photography credits:Shivansh Singh, The Editorial Board, KMC

Uploaded by Mihir Manuja, The Editorial Board, KMC