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A contingent of 110 students and faculty from KMC, Manipal set out to represent KMC, Manipal at St. John’s Medical College for their annual cultural and sports fest ‘Autumn Muse’.

Through weeks and weeks of rigorous practice, the student clubs and committees crafted compelling performances and dynamic stories to perform in front of an extolling crowd from numerous decorated Medical and Non-Medical colleges.

Regardless of the formidable odds, KMC carved a niche like no other, gathering laurels throughout the fest.
For Drama, Aaghaz scored second positions in their cultural participations; Mime, Play, Mad Ads, Short Film, and first in Reel Making through their dedicated, arduous training and nuanced acting prowess


For music, Cadenza, proving to be a storehouse of unmatchable talent, landed first positions in Eastern Group and Western Duet Singing, second in Eastern Duet singing in awe-inspiring amalgamations of beautifully crafted vocals and tunes.

For the Fashion show, Purple Haze, through their alluring gazes into the crowd and dashing walks, seamlessly integrated past Greek themes into a fashion show of today, landing the third position.

The dance clubs, Phoenix and Cygnus, performing Non-Thematic and Thematic dances respectively, struck a charming chord, amazing everyone with their intricate choreographies and synchronisation, bagged third positions in their respective events.

In literary events, students from KMC Manipal Participating in Face Painting, Comic Strip, Poetry, Quiz, Photography, Sketching and various other events landed commendable accolades, soaring high in glory getting a total of 7 positions in 6 events including five 1st prizes.

Through the active participation of KMC Manipal and various other colleges, the fest held a creative and lively atmosphere, attracting an attitude to perform and appreciate talent.

The St. John’s council showed a commendable effort in hosting a fest of this magnitude with excellence. Events like Pro-Show and DJ nights enthralled all delegates.

The fest, apart from being extremely successful, was a wholesome experience. Admirable displays of teamwork and dedication could be seen throughout the fest, making it a true celebration of art and talent.

Overall, a total of 23 positions were won through sheer hard work, determination of the incredibly talented students and faculty of KMC Manipal.

The outstanding success of the students wouldn’t have been possible without the unparalleled efforts of Dr. Yash Alok, who worked tirelessly with the band and vocalists and created absolute magic in the form of music; the Dean, Dr. Sharath Kumar Rao; Associate Deans,  Dr. Krishnananda Prabhu, Dr. Anil K Bhat & Dr. Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay, and all the faculty advisors who helped in making this endeavor a roaring success.

Heartfelt congratulations to all participants for their marvellous performances.


Brushing Beauty Aarthi Mohandas (1st)
Shades of Grey Aarthi Mohandas (1st)
Shivika Saraogi (3rd)
Switch Up Rishika Rastogi and Aarathi Mohandas (1st)
Shivika Saroagi and Jasneet Kalra (3rd)
Expressions Rishika Rastogi (1st)
Comic Making Rishika Rastogi (1st)
A word’s Worth Kanika Yadav (1st)
Reel Deal Ranya Manchan (1st)
Ayush and Manas (2nd)
A Lens World Kartik Bhateja (1st)
Inquizitive Ayushman Kashyap, Raghav Gupta, Venkatrangan Balaji (2nd)
Western Duet Singing Inesh Vij, Kkirti Gaur (1st)
Eastern Duet Singing Avishi Sharma,Sai Sriya Yadavalli (2nd)
Short Film AAGHAZ – Arunav kumar, Samir Gulati, Siddhant Tomer, Meetanshi, Prakhar Yadav, Nashra Khan, Ratnesh Gandhi, Akarsh Khanna (2nd)
Mad Ads AAGHAZ – Samir Gulati, Divyanshu khatter, Abhinav Singh, Ranya manchan, Mayank Kumar jha, Naitik Gupta, Ishaan Kumar Khetan, Sumedha Sengupta, Aditi puri, Ananya Sharma, Nashra Khan (2nd)
Mime AAGHAZ – Vedika Malik, Abhinav Singh, Satyam Mishra, Sumedha sen Gupta, Azher Mehmood, Prakhar Yadav, Vipul Deshwal, Mayank Kumar jha, Ishaan khetan, Aniket Vikram Singh (2nd)
PLAY AAGHAZ – Saad Khan, Prakhar Yadav, Meetanshi, Vedika Malik, Akarsh Khanna, Ameya Suryavanshi, Azher Mehmood, Vipul Deshwal, Satyam Mishra, Aniket Vikram Singh, Garima Shukla, Saatwik Sharma, Ishaan Khetan, Sidhant Tomar, Ratnesh, Arunav, Samir Gulati (2nd)
Fashion Show PURPLE HAZE – Madhav Arora, Shivangi Acharya, Madhav Agarwal, Khizar Naved, Hardik Lalchandani, Noor Nangia, Jyotika Mittal, Akanksh Chopra, Isha Gupta, Shreya Srivastava, Areej Zaidi, Pragathi, Khushi Nehra, Vrinda Gupta, Tanvi Jain, Jasnoor, Minil Gupta, Nitya Goel, Samyak Jain (3rd)
Thematic Group Dance CYGNUS – Twesha Prasad, Shubhraa Moorthy, Ishita Sharma, Sanya Anoop, Vartika Tiwari, Sinjini Hajra, Sharya Dube, Vanshika Saini, Aditi Puri, Ananya Agarwal, Noor Nangia, Nandini Jaiswal, Abhya Singh, Naitik Gupta (3rd)
Western Non-thematic Group Dance PHOENIX – K.Rhea Johnson, Prashant Jha, Muskan Jain, Shivani Singh, Daksh Agrohi, Sameer Kathat, Udita Khanna, Swaroop Shetty, shruti Garg, bretwin Rego, Sinjini Hajra, Farzana Usman, akanksh Chopra, vanshika Sharma (3rd)
Eastern Group Singing Harigovind Balakrishnan, Shivika Yadav, Sai Sriya Yadavalli, Dhriti Bharadwaj, Kavisha Agarwal, Jahanvi Antil, Vasudha Nandini, Pranjal Agarwal, Siddharth Subramanian, Avishi Sharna, Shaurya Raathi, Sneha Saxena, ishani Ghatak, Rakshak Raman, Kirti Gaur,


Designed by : St. John’s
Written by : Siddhant Tomer, Literary Committee

Edited by: Tanvee Walia, Editorial Board & Shivika Saroagi, Editor-in-Chief
Photography by: KMC contingent
Uploaded by: Alisha Chrissel Lobo & Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board KMC