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Asterion 2022

The morning of 7th September was filled with quiet frenzy and buzzing anticipation as the participants and organizers waited for the festivities to begin. The chief guest of the event, Dean Dr Sharath K Rao spoke eloquently of the importance of events like Asterion which push participants to put their skills to the test.

Enigmatic speeches by the presidents of the academic clubs inspired the organizers and participants alike. And thus, Asterion began.


On 7th of September the Cutting Edge club of KMC Manipal organised the team based game Enigma as part of the Asterion event. It was a escape room format of game.

The event went on from 11am to 1 pm at interact and a total of 42 teams took part. Shreya Mehta and Ishita Kommalapati got the first prize and Vrinda Trapasia and Stuti Arora were the runner ups. 1st place got MMS and 2nd place got a stethoscope. Overall it was a fun, neuron triggering event

Doctor Vs Wild

The members of Tempus Pretioso organised a a truly unforgettable experience in the wilderness of End Point for the participants of Doctor Vs. Wild, presenting them with cases of emergency medicine ranging from animal attacks to mushroom toxicity.

On 7th September, the participants discovered that it was no easy task to diagnose a patient and use the right medicines and equipment to treat them in under 15 minutes, but all teams performed tremendously well and learned the skills required to treat each case in this interactive workshop.

Under the insightful guidance of Dr. Freston of the Emergency Medicine Department, Tempus Pretioso arranged an incredible simulation of a wilderness doctor’s job, including life-like wounds and plausible case histories.


For its participants, Jigsaw was indeed a neuron-stimulating experience. In total, there were three puzzle-based rooms with an outer space theme where players had to advance to the next round and solve the murder mystery by figuring out who the murderer, “Jigsaw,” was.

The game was won by Spoorthy Nathani and Lalit Ritwik Pullela, followed by Shweta Gupta and Manaswini Mital in the second position.

Day 2


MediSim was organized by the academic clubs of KMC Manipal on the 8th of September. Immersive simulations of poisoning and shooting were created to engage the audience in these nail biting situations.

Tempus Pretioso, the emergency medicine club, taught endotracheal intubation and other aspects of EM to the participants.

Justitia, the forensic medicine club, imparted knowledge on ballistics, blood spatters and fingerprinting.

This was followed by Cutting Edge teaching different facets of suturing and bowel anastomosis to the attendees. MediSim was truly one of the most engaging events of Asterion which amalgamated all the interesting angles of patient care.


A stellar event organised by Tempus Pretioso in the Interact Lecture Halls on 8th September for Asterion, EphEMeris was an amalgamation of three distinct timed tasks, each with a creative, Emergency Medicine themed spin to it—”Capture the Flag”, ‘Save the ED” and the classic “Do-or-Diegnose”.

Ultimately, Samyukta and Sudeeksha came first while Nagavi Somesh and Disha Gopalkrishnan came second in this race against time.

Cool space-themed decor and light background music helped set the mood of the competition and the participants left happy and content with all the fun they’d had.

Treasure hunt

On the 8th of September, Cutting Edge held Asterion’s most awaited event, “Treasure Hunt”. Participants, numbering 90 in total, were made to run around Campus and solve various riddles to unlock the next riddle which would further unlock them the next clue.

Due to this, participants were able to exercise their minds as well as their bodies. The 1st place prize went to Nithin Davuluri and Deepak Shaji and the 2nd place prize went to Aatish Karak and Nazneen Hassan

Day 3


Nebula was organized under the aegis of Asterion. It witnessed the active participation of enthusiastic young minds.

These quizzes included three different consecutive rounds, starting with an online quiz followed by a unique spotter crossword and finally concluded with a high stake point-based question round with Disha Gopalkrishna emerging as the event winner, followed closely by Anirudh Rao and Navya Bahrani bagging the second and third positions, respectively.


On 9th September 2022, Justitia club of KMC Manipal organised the “Murder on the Apollo Express” as the final game to conclude the Asterion event.

The event went on from 5pm to 7pm starting in the Forensics department and ending at Interact. In its essence a murder mystery board game come to life with our very own students playing the characters.

It challenged the players on how to deal with a crisis like when a murderer is on the loose with forensic tools out of reach and only their wits and knowledge to help them out.

Valedictorian Ceremony

Asterion, the biggest academic event conducted by KMC Manipal, came to an end on the 9th of September. The ceremony was organized in exquisite grandeur with the chief guest, Dr Rajgopal Shenoy gracing the occasion with his presence. He was joined by Dr Anitha Shenoy, Dr Vivek Pandey, Dr Vinod Nayak and Dr Vikram Palimar, all of whom had courteous words to say for the organizing committee of Asterion.

The hosts of the event, Ms Niranchanaa Balaji and Mr Harsh Sharma announced the names of the proud winners of the events of Asterion.


1st place: Sudeeksha Kasarla and Samyuktha Santhosh
2nd place: Disha Gopalkrishna and Nagavi Somesh

1st place: Ishitha Kommalapati and Shreya Mehta
2nd place: Vrinda Trapasia and Stuti Arora

Treasure hunt
1st place: Nithin Davuluri and Deepak Shaji
2nd place: Aatish Karak and Nazneen Hassan

1st place : Spoorthy Nathani & Lalit Ritwik Pullela
2nd place : Shweta Gupta and Manaswini Mittal

Special Mentions : Vrinda Trapasia & Siddharth Nair

1st place : Disha Gopalkrishna
2nd place : Anirudh Rao
3rd place : Navya Behrani

The entire team of Asterion and the sponsors congratulate the winners and fellow attendees for their avid interest and active participation in the events. Asterion would not have been the same without your unending support.


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