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Wats on your mind: A Sherlock holmes mystery

Justitia, the Forensic Medicine Club of KMC Manipal, held it’s creatively named event “Wats On Your Mind: A Sherlock Holmes mystery” on 28th May at the Interact lecture halls. Participants were to step into the shoes of Dr. Watson, solving real life crime scene simulations and unique murders. The game was organised in three rooms, the first two rooms holding  three challenging cases each. The first five teams to reach room three were named finalists. The cases included drowning, poisoning, strangulation, being buried alive and ballistics. In a fun twist, participants were made to do a ring toss to be allowed to proceed from room one to room two. The most challenging by far was the cipher, which was to let paricipants discover the location of the final room.

As always, Justitia’s spectacular decor and music selections fully immersed players into the blood-tinged excitement-filled environment of a crime scene. In particular, the eerily realistic looking gunshot wound comes to mind.

The event was attended by a total of 19 teams, in pairs. The winners of this knife-edge thrilling night were: 

🥇Arnav Yadav and Karan Verma

🥈Medha and Amey

🥉Advaith and Pranav

And a special mention to Sriya and Tanya. 

We await justitia’s next event with anticipation, after the twists and turns and dizzying success of “Wats On Your Mind”.

Photographer: Ishita Chaudhary

Writer: Mariyah Haji

Coverage: Vaishnavi Singh, The Editorial Board KMC