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Movie Night by The Film Crew

The evening of 25th June 2022 chronicled a movie night screening event organised by The Film Crew. The movie played was the iconic ‘500 Days Of Summer’, a sweet melancholic romance story which depicts heartbreak from the eyes of a man who believed in ‘forevers’ and fairytale endings.
It was held in Interact Halls from 7 pm to 10 pm.
The screening witnessed a gathering of a young audience brimming with joy and excitement. Most of the audience was made up of friends arriving in clusters, with uproarious guffaws as they expectantly produced their E-tickets. Some came as lone wolves wanting to watch the famous movie on a big screen, away from the company of close ones.
Unsurprisingly, many repeater watchers were also present who casually mentioned the poignant ending, but turned up anyways due to the close proximity to the movie’s theme, which probably tugged at their heartstrings.

The audience’s mood changed as the seasons changed and days turned into months.
As the movie progressed, the audience erupted with laughter at the comedic lines, exchanged notes over the protagonist’s stupidity, and gushed over the punchlines delivered by the female lead as they munched away at popcorn.
In the dim, cosy environment of the classroom, people witnessed themselves being transported into a colourful, vibrant world. They stepped into the shoes of the trope of characters as the evening danced away.
It depicted the romantic vibes of young blooming love as they navigated through the harsh seas of heartbreak, gloomy distress, job opportunities, and their attempt to keep up with friendships and family.
The ending of the movie was a sombre one with life lessons, yet the audience broke out into a thumping round of applause.


Written by: Komal Mishra , The Editorial Board KMC

Photography by: Pranay Jain, The Editorial Board KMC

Poster design by : Namrata Gupta & Roshith Krishna, The Film Crew

Uploaded by: Jayendra Singh, The Editorial Board KMC