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Thaikkudam Bridge

On the 16th of May, in an electrifying evening Thaikuddum Bridge made a brilliant return to Manipal. The event was held in a vast enclosure, built overnight in the KMC greens, complete with a concert style stage, screens, lighting and sound system. After weeks of anticipation, an enthusiastic crowd of hundreds of KMC students lined up at 7pm. And truely the performance was worth the wait! They brought us a hit packed 2 hours. Their 15 member ensemble, composed of 9 talented vocalists and 6 instrumentalists enthralled us with a dizzying breadth and complexity of music. Though by definition a rock band they are known for their ability to weave classical and folk music with a progressive, pop and electronic soundscape. Skilfully the group bridged the gap between our Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil music enthusiasts in one night, playing favourites like Navarasam, Teri Deewani and Om Shivoham. Heartrending tributes to Ilayaraja and Rahman were placed right alongside a special impromptu rap accompanied with dance moves in the true spirit of Manipal. A rollercoaster ride of emotions as any good concert should be. They left us with an earth shattering performance of their most awaited song, Fish Rock, which will resonate across our greens till the next time. Until then “Be the bridge”!


Written by: Mariyah Haji , The Editorial Board KMC

Photography by: Samir Gulati & Kartik Bhateja, The Editorial Board KMC

Poster design by : Invictus design team

Uploaded by: Jayendra Singh, The Editorial Board KMC