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Tempus outreach programme

On the afternoon of 21st of July, Tempus Pretioso, the emergency medicine enthusiasts club of KMC, organized a Basic Life Skills Workshop, in collaboration with the Pharmacy Literacy Club. The event was attended by many students from different MAHE colleges.

The event was held in MCOPS halls, with performance stations for Heimlich maneuvour, CPR and Splinting, that not only taught the skills, but also allowed the participants to get hands-on experience with the skills that allowed them to be proficient in these life-saving maneuvers. Demonstrations were made for skills like management of dehydration and hypoglycemia, gastric lavage, seizures and compression bandaging.

The event was attended by over a 100 participants who enthusiastically partook in the skills stations. 

Design credits- Tempus Pretioso club
Writing credits- Tanvee Walia, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Photography credits- Hasmita Ganesuni, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Uploaded by- Nivedita Pandey, The Editorial Board, KMC.