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RRR Screening

The Film Crew organised the movie night screening of the movie ‘RRR’ on 27th August. 

The screening was open to the entire MAHE. 

It was held in Interact Halls with almost 56 registrations.

The movie is one of the most famous movies to trend in the South Indian cinema industry. The film was screened in Telugu with English subtitles. 

RRR is the magnum opus of S.S. Rajamouli.

With a star-studded cast and a running time of three hours, it was the most wholesome movie to be screened.

Students from various colleges of MAHE thronged in to watch the movie with their friends. Despite being screened in a regional language, students showed up for the on-spot registrations. It was heartening to see people brave Manipal rains to attend the movie night. 

Set in the background of the pre-Independence era, the movie was well received, with thunderous claps and joyous howling from the beginning. 

The audience munched away on popcorn as they enjoyed the movie. 

The gripping script line, amazing VFX, thrilling action scenes and most importantly, ‘grooving’ dance numbers’ left the audience spellbound for the rest of the evening.

Design CreditsThe Film Crew
Writing CreditsKomal Mishra, The Editorial Board, KMC
Photography Credits: Tanishq Yadav , The Editorial Board, KMC
Upload CreditsJayendra Singh, The Editorial Board, KMC