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Prize distribution ceremony

2022 saw KMC send off massive contingents of over a hundred participants, to CMC vellore for ‘Pegasus’ and St. John’s for ‘Autumn Muse’. The teams each put in weeks of hard work, practices starting in the wee hours of the morning, practices extending deep into many a late night. And as they say; Hard work pays off! 

In both cultural and sports events, the students of KMC came back decorated in silver and gold with over 25 prizes. To felicitate the returned victors, a prize distribution ceremony was held with much splendour, on October 13th, 2022.

Winners were awarded by Dr Sharath K Rao (Dean), Dr Krishnananda Prabhu (Associate Dean) and Dr Arvind Pandey (Faculty Advisor, Student Council, KMC), Dr Sushma Prabhath (Cultural Faculty Advisor), Dr Shobha U Kamath(Cultural Faculty Advisor), Dr Yash Alok(Faculty Advisor , Cadenza) , Dr Deepak(Deputy Director, Physical Education), Dr Shanthi (Physical Education) & Dr Reena (Faculty Advisor, The Sports Committee).

A truely heartwarming show of support and pride.

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