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The Gaming and E-sports club of KMC, Artemis, held the first event of their annual Gaming Fest, Prima called Valorant, on the 6th of August, 2023. 

A total of 16 teams participated in the event and each team consisted of a total of 5 players. Participants had the option to make their own teams or join the official Discord server and find team mates there. 

With 80 participants from colleges all over India, Valorant, held in an online mode, was an immensely successful event, made so by the team headed by Atif Mustafa. 

The cash prize for the first position was Rs. 2000, while that for the second position was Rs. 1000. They were respectively bagged by teams Zenith (Headed by Shashank Hemmadi from AJIMS Mangalore) and NAP (from VIT).


Prima Day 2, held offline at the interact lecture halls, was designed for casual noncompetitive freeplayers. 

The exciting games available for play were Mortal Kombat 11 on PS4 and Injustice 2 on the XBox Series X. Dr Aditya Vinayak, Pharmacology Department, was also present for play. 

All present got an oppurtunity to try their hand at the captivating games. Although the event itself was not competitive, the intensity of play left a combative buzz within the room. The light and informal spirit of the event allowed participants to spend an evening unwinding with their friends. 


On 8th August, 2023, in the Interact Halls, PRIMA continued with day three of its five day gaming fest held by Artemis, the Official E-sports and Gaming Club of KMC Manipal. With the gamers’ hands drifting over the consoles and everyone’s eyes on the screen, the Esport of the day was FIFA. With over 34 teams to compete with, this pan-India event saw participants from a spectrum of colleges. The invigorated participants battled in intense soccer games, winning their way through the knockout tournament, taking their teams to the top.

🥇Abhishek Shrivastav /

🥈Devansh Aggarwal

An opportunity to let your competitive spirit take over the fields, day 3 of PRIMA offered the perfect escape into the world of Esports and left the participants eagerly anticipating what more was to come.,


On 9th august, 2023 two gaming events were hosted Call of Duty: Mobile and Smash carts.

Call of Duty was an online event with 12 teams, each with 5 players, including online teams from JIPMER, KMC mangalore and KS Hegde.

The winning team was Godhandgaming from JIPMER and the players were- Aniket, Shanmukh, Gunaseelan, Shree Krishnaprasanth and Akash. The runner up team was On Morphine from KMC

Mangalore consisting Akhil, Aniket Pal, Jerome Geevarghese Phillip, Priyal Goel and Sheron Sebastian.

Smash Carts had 20 participants. First round was for single players and the three winners were Mridul on 1st place, Aryan on 2nd and Ravi on 3rd . Afterwards a multiplayer round was held amongst 4 teams and the top two teams competed for the 1st prize. The players from the winning team were Shashank, Aryan, Bharat and Akshat.

The winners were awarded medals and cash prizes. The top 3 teams were awarded certificates of achievement. Congratulations to all the winners.


The evening of 10th August saw a total of 128 participants competing in the Artemis’s most successful event yet—a showdown on Battle Grounds Mobile India. Saving the most awaited event for the fifth and final day of PRIMA Season 2, the BGMI competition made for a spectacular fi nale to the gaming fest. 

Gaming enthusiasts from KMC, Mangalore, KS Hegde, JIPMER, RUHS, Jaipur, and several MAHE colleges eagerly competed in this event for a cash prize pool of Rs. 3000. With participation being capped at 32 teams of 4, it was no wonder that this event was the capping stone of PRIMA Season 2. 

In two Interact Lecture Halls, the gamers did their best to top this battle royale game where each of the scheduled rounds would last a half hour. After the initial qualifying rounds, 64 participants were eliminated while the rest moved on to the much anticipated finals.

The finals began with the flick of a switch that plunged the room into darkness, focused faces illuminated only by the light from the projector screen. As gamers put on their headphones and sipped on their energy drinks, tension fizzled in the air. 

Finally, the games began as participants yelled their frustration and excitement into the air, and threw taunts at the teams around them. An assortment of snacks lay on every table as the gamers gave this battle of strategy and hand-eye co-ordination their all.

The lively atmosphere made for a fun show, and it wasn’t long before an audience began to gather and cheer the teams on. The energy in the air was electric and the hours flew by in the bat of an eye. Soon, the finals came to an end with hoots and cheers echoing around the room.

The winners of the event were as follows:

🥇TeamIND – Pratham Mishra, Satyam Rai, Ankur Sparsh, Manav.

🥈 TeamYearback – Mishal, Sirath, Suhaan, Umesh.

Maaz Khan and Atif Mustafa, the event heads, ensured the smooth flow and fun ambiance of the event. With over a hundred more participants than the event saw in PRIMA Season 1, its safe to say that the BGMI tournament was a grand success that left gamers with unforgettable memories.

Writing credits: Rohita Mahesh, Navya Behrani, Prakhya Gupta, Sanshrita Khamesra, Mariah Yusuf Haji, The Editorial Board, KMC

Photography credits:Arnav Agarwal, Hasmita Ganesuni, Pavan Krishnan, Pranav Venugopal The Editorial Board, KMC

Design credits: Artemis, KMC

Uploaded by: Mihir Manuja, The Editorial Board, KMC