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Movie screening

The Film Crew witnessed a massive and enthusiastic screening of a famous cult movie on the 30th of June. 

It was a month’s end after the laborious exams season; it naturally attracted an appreciable crowd who wanted to blow the steam and relax in the darkened hallows of a movie projector. 

With a thumping registration of 141 people, an entire Interact hall brimmed with an excited audience who loved the movie.

The blackboards were sprightly decorated with the club’s logo and the movie’s popular references. 

Since the screening was open to the MAHE students, the registration desk was unusually busy with people swarming over with friends, batchmates and dear ones. Some of the audience decided to watch the movie on a whim and didn’t regret their decision. 

After a warm welcome and instructions on the do and don’t, the audience quickly returned to their seats. 

As soon as the opening credits got over, the audience cheered and clapped as they saw world-famous actors taking the lead and bringing justice to their roles.

The movie’s iconic dialogues, picturesque screenplay and strong characters set the mood for the rest of the evening. 

People huddled together to watch the famous scenes, munching away on the popcorns and eatables they especially procured for the event. 

It was a mellowed evening as the show ended. A good time was had by all. 

People eagerly await the screening of the 2nd part, which will be organised soon by The Film Crew.

Design Credits: Roshith Krishna and Namrata Gupta, The Film Crew

Writing Credits: Komal Mishra, The Editorial Board, KMC

Photography Credits: Bhavye Bhatia, The Editorial Board, KMC

Upload Credits: Nivedita Pandey, The Editorial Board, KMC