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Mental Health Awareness Marathon

In commemoration of World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2023, the Department of Student Affairs MAHE, in association with Fitvib, KMC Manipal and the Sports Committee, KMC Manipal organised a Mental Health Awareness Marathon. Marking the 125th anniversary of Dr. TMA Pai, the founder of our esteemed university, the marathon was a perfect means to celebrate importance mental health while honouring his legacy.

With over 650 invigorated participants, the field was painted white with the runners united not only by cause but also by a common colour theme keeping the spirits up and soaring.

The gathering was welcomed by Dr. Geeta Maiya, Director of Student Affairs MAHE. The honourable dignitaries, Dr. MD Venkatesh, Vice Chancellor, MAHE and Dr. HS Ballal, Pro Chancellor, MAHE shared insightful words addressing the importance of looking after one’s mental health and the progress we have made over the past years.

Bringing just the rush of adrenaline that was required before the run was a Zumba performance, charged with energy, brought by the staff of MIT and led by Advocate Prajna. Following this was an enthralling performance by the talented dancers of KMC that had everyone shuffling to the beats of the music. Topping it off was a poignant skit by Aaghaz, the dramatics club of KMC, highlighting the prevalent taboo in society around disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder.

A vote of thanks by Dr. Arvind Pandey, Deputy Director of Student Affairs, MAHE, followed by a Flag off by Dr HS Ballal set the sprinters into motion as they embarked on a 5km run starting from the EDU Building and back, through Coin Circle, Dr VS Acharya Circle and End Point.

With their footsteps marking the track with athletic ardour, the participants sped to the finish line, some faster, some slower, but each with determination no less than the other.

Racing to the top, their zeal palpable, we welcomed the top three runners

An energising run and a cause that resonates with each one of us, this Mental Health Awareness Marathon along with each of its elements, from the heart rendering skit to the thought provoking speeches, did an immaculate job at uniting everyone for a common cause and spreading awareness, striding, or rather running, towards a better, more aware tomorrow.

Writing: Prakhya Gupta, The Editorial Board KMC
Photography: Hasmita Ganesuni, Pranav Venugopal, The Editorial Board KMC
Coverage: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board KMC