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The Melas quiz is one of a kind challenge that offers its participants a chance to test their quizzing abilities in a wide range of categories which include music, entertainment, literature, art and sports. It was organized by the Literary Committee of KMC Manipal and LDQ Club of MIT on the 30th of September. The quiz masters Sushant Shekhar and Saumya A.R., the presidents of LDQ-MIT, hosted the quiz in with impeccable sincerity and candor.

Thirty teams avidly took part in the event and in order to qualify, they had to get through three rounds. Each round was filled with intriguing questions which were designed to tickle the brains of the participants. The participants were able to interact with each other by blocking each others’ responses, which fostered healthy competition among them.

Each round offered a blend of questions that catered to the participants’ growing excitement and quiet frenzy. However, the final round saw six brilliant teams go head-to-head against each other. The three teams which emerged victorious were:

1. Dr Pavan Bhat, Dr Arjun Balakrishnan

2. Shashank Singit, Chaitanya Gulhane, Aakarsh Bansal

3. Raghav Gupta, Akarsh Khanna, Swastik Gautam Tripathi

We congratulate all the winners and the participants who gathered together to create a massively successful event.


Written By: Vaishnavi Katiyar, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal

Photography By: Manas Agrawal, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal

Uploaded by: Alisha Chrissel Lobo, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal