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Justitia Blood Spatter Workshop

On 18th January, 2023, Justitia, the only forensic medicine club in India run by students, organised a workshop for first years on Blood Spatter and Ballistics. The event kick-started with a warm welcome by the President of the club, Sai Sriya and by the heads and team of the club to the first workshop of this academic year.

The participants were first taught about various terminologies and basics of Blood Spatter.

After few interactive questions and answers and explanations, the participants were divided into three groups and sent to different stations of blood Spatter and ballistic.

They thoroughly enjoyed and were amused to know the skills used by the forensic analysts when investigating the crime scene.

The participants also gained hands-on experience on the stations.

The last part of the event had a simple case given to the participants, they had to solve it after going through the clues provided. The event ended by a thank you note by the President and Vice Presidents  of Justitia.

All in all, the event was a huge success and had a turnover of around 93 participants who gained a lot of knowledge and interesting facts through this workshop.

Written byNivedita Pandey, The Editorial Board, KMC.
Photography Credits : Samir Gulati, The Editorial Board, KMC. Design Credits : Justitia, KMC Uploaded by : Jayendra Singh,The Editorial Board, KMC.