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International Quiz for Medical undergraduates (IQMU) ’23



The morning of 17th April marked the auspicious beginning of IQMU (International Quiz for Medical Undergraduates) 2023, in conjecture with Invictus, the annual fest of KMC Manipal. Vanshita Kapoor, 2nd year student and member of the Organizing Committee of IQMU served as Master of Ceremony, who welcomed the Chief Guest Lt. Gen. (Dr.) M D Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor MAHE and Guest of Honour Dr. Sharath K. Rao, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Health Sciences, MAHE. Dr. Padmaraj Hegde, Dean KMC Manipal, Dr. Kanthilata Pai, Associate Dean KMC Manipal were also present for the ceremony.

Dr. Padmarai Hegde addressed the audience with inspiring words; extending a hearty welcome to all participants and welcomed them to the student hub of Manipal.

Following him, Utkarsh Agrawal, Vice-President of Student Council, introduced Invictus and their collaboration with IQMU, promising participants a week of lasting memories in KMC.

Harshavardhan Sai and Manaswini Mittal, the Co-Organising Chairpersons of IQMU, introduced its 7th edition and took the participants on a journey talking about the Quiz’s history; from its inception by a few quizzing enthusiasts of KMC Manipal after participating in a quiz in Mexico in 2017, to its present edition that has garnered the largest set of participants in its history.

Dr. Sharath K Rao, recollected the fruitful experiences of his students with IQMU in the past and talked about the holistic journey in medical quizzing. He stressed on the importance of combining academic excellence with cultural events; an objective achieved by the collaboration between IQMU and Invictus.

Aaryan Singh, Joint Secretary of IQMU 2023 concluded the ceremony by delivering the Vote of Thanks to the guests, attendees and sponsors.


The eagerly anticipated 7th edition of the International Quiz for Medical Undergraduates began in full force with Prelims 1, presided by Dr. Vinod Nayak, Professor, Dept. of Forensic Medicine, who was the Quiz Master for the round.

In this round, forty-four teams total—each with two members—participated.

These teams, who represented numerous reputed universities from around India and included some of the brightest brains and medical students, gathered at the exam site to compete against the best students from across the nation.

This round was a paper-based round including multiple choice, match the following, and True/False questions among other types of questions. A total of sixty minutes were allotted for each team of two to tackle the paper consisting of forty five questions making this round not only intellectually challenging but also a race against time.

The intensity of competitiveness was felt in the air as the top minds in the nation competed against one another to solve this neuron-stimulating paper, as evidenced by the gushing of papers and scribble of pens heard in the exam room. All of the teams automatically qualified for the subsequent round of the prelims, with the scores being recorded for future determination of the qualifying teams.

The IQMU organising team’s collaborative and well-coordinated efforts allowed the exam to be finished on time and in an orderly fashion.


After the gruelling first round of Prelims which IQMU had organized in the early hours of 17th of April, the contestants were ready for more. The Dissection Hall situated in the Centre of Basic Sciences served as the right place to suit the difficulty of the questions which were crafted such that they tickled the minds of the participants and forced them to integrate every bit of medical knowledge they had to answer them. The Quiz Master presiding over the Round Two of Prelims of IQMU was Dr. Chandni Gupta, Additional Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, who with expertise ran the quiz with excellent efficiency. Out of the 44 teams that registered for the quiz, 32 teams moved onto the quarter finals of IQMU.


The gala night of IQMU 2023 was an extravaganza of light and glamor, which served to give participants an opportunity to mingle outside the competitive quizzing environment.

With the theme ‘Sitcoms’, it paid  homage to all the shows that have filled our evenings with joy and laughter, while creating an atmosphere for all the participants to relax and party. The participants enjoyed the food, games and DJ and got sealed their memories of the night at the wonderfully crafted photobooth.



The quarterfinals for IQMU 2023 were held on the morning of 18th April. After a challenging set of Prelims the qualifying contestants found themselves in the innovative quarter finals, where their skills of association-making and practical application of theoretical knowledge were put to the test. They were required to figure out a pattern that builds on each step of the quiz, to figure out the path that leads them to victory. The event was presided over by Dr. Praveen Kumar Tirlangi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Infectious Diseases and out of the 32 teams that competed, 12 teams succeeded in moving on to the semi Finals of IQMU.


The semi Finals, held on the afternoon of Day 2, were divided into two thrilling rounds.

The first round, titled ‘Mental Relay’, tested the decision-making skills of the participants; a most crucial aspect of being a physician. Dr. Sandesh Kini, Associate Professor, Dept of Paediatrics presided over the round as the Quiz Master. Requiring impeccable teamwork and budget consideration, this round tested the participants on their ability to reach the correct diagnosis by using the most cost-effective and appropriate diagnostic methods.

The second round, titled ‘Step-2-Step’, tested participants on every step of being a true diagnostician; they were provided with chief complaints and patient reports and tests results and challenged to reach the correct diagnosis in the short 5-minute time limit that was assigned to them.

Out of the 12 teams who competed, 6 moved on to the finals.



After 2 days of hectic quizzing, 6 teams geared up for the most challenging of them all: the Finals of IQMU 2023. Divided into 5 innovative rounds: Medical Trivia, Rapid-fire, Medicogenesis, Buzzer Round and Bounce Back; the finals were an exciting experience for all, participants and viewers alike. The event was presided over by Dr. Jayaram Saibaba, DM Neurology at JIPMER Puducherry and an avid medical quizzing enthusiast.

Each of the rounds tested the participants in several aspects of medical knowledge; from random trivia and history to extensive knowledge on rare diseases and niche techniques. After hours of electrifying competition, 3 teams emerged as the winners of IQMU 2023.

1st Place
  • Subhash K
  • Krishan Karthik
Madras Medical College
2nd Place
  • Vishwanathan V
  • Roshni S
Madras Medical College
3rd Place
  • Anirudh Jeedigunta
  • Srived Meda
Kasturba Medical College, Manipal


With Vanshita as Master of Ceremony, the Valedictory Ceremony of IQMU 2023 started with felicitating the winners of the Freshers Quiz conducted by IQMU for first years in March: Dhriti and Devishi(1st place), Sristi and Ishanvi (2nd place) and Ashish and Rashmi (3rd place) were awarded with textbooks and stethoscopes.

Sidharth, the Joint Secretary for IQMU 2023 took the audience through the happening three days of IQMU with an event recap.

The winners were celebrated and awarded for their feat; Subash and Krishan (1st place) of Madras Medical College, Viswanathan and Roshni (2nd place) of Madras Medical College, and Anirudh and Srived (3rd place) of KMC Manipal were felicitated with textbooks and exiting cash prizes for their impressive performance.

Dr. Jayaram Saibaba, the quiz master of the finals, addressed the audience and congratulated the Organising Committee of IQMU 2023 for a successful edition. He talked about the joys of quizzing and how there are no losers in quizzing, since each person that participates gains a lot of knowledge regardless.

Dr. Rajgopal Shenoy, Professor, Dept. of Surgery, delivered inspiring words to the audience, and thanked Dr. Jayaram for the passion he showed towards quizzing. He addressed the participants from various corners of the country, discussing the joy in academic events. He thanked his publishers for their generous sponsorships of textbooks and study materials for all the editions of IQMU so far.

Lumen, the photography club of KMC Manipal and the Creative Partners for IQMU 2023, presented a Closing Film that perfectly encapsulated the competition and the electric learning experience of the three days of the quiz, along with the glamorous Gala Night.

The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks by Aaryan Singh, the Joint Secretary for IQMU 2023.

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