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INVICTUS ’23 x Cultural

"Culture is the intersection of people and life itself. It's how we deal with life, love, death, birth, disappointment... all of that is expressed in culture." ~ Wes Studi

Each day of Invictus vibed with one or the other cultural event taking place day in and out. Cultural events added distinct colors to the fest.

Starting Day 1 with The Classical Solo Dance competition, Nritya, was a feast for the eyes as the dancers captivated the audience with their expressions and graceful movements. The first prize was bagged by Father Muller Medical College.

While the Stand Up comedy at TMA Pai Hall served to lighten the mood, the Nukkad Natak at KMC Greens brought forth a large crowd to marvel at the drama unfolding before their eyes.

The evening of Day 2 started with the first cultural event for the day, Mad Ads. An amalgamation of creativity, wit and the skill of acting was showcased by all participants in coming up with innovative ideas to sell the most mundane objects of our daily lives.
Moving on to a musical note, Invictus saw harmony at its finest in the Eastern Vocal Duet. A show of chemistry and symphony, the singers displayed their unbounded vocal ranges.

In the series of events for Day 3, the first one for the day was Monologue ‘Aham’, where 14 participants assembled to showcase their elocutory prowess. The event was judged by Mr. Rajesh Navada and Dr Ashwini Kumar. Each participant was allotted a total time of 5 minutes to express their views on any topic of their choosing. Interestingly, several participants chose domestic violence as their focus – a truly bold choice, indeed. The winners were declared to the end of the event. The winning position was bagged by KMC Manipal, with JNMC and KMC Manipal tying for the second position and another team from JNMC coming in third.

Next we had ‘Western Solo Dance’ saw quite the crowd gather at TMA Pai Hall 3. 8 graceful dancers danced their way to glory under the careful judgment of Ms Sindhu Kamath and Dr Archana Bhakta. Kanachur Medical College walked off stage with first place, followed closely by SSMC and WGSHA.

This event was soon succeeded by ‘Western Vocals Duet’. The talented singers from KMC Manipal earned themselves a place in the audience’s heart, along with the first prize. They were given a good run for their money by runners up, BM Patil Medical College and MIC Manipal.

The 4th day of Invictus kicked off with a bang with an eastern vocal solo competition, won by teams from KIMS Bangalore, KMC Mangalore and KMC Manipal In order from first to third.
Bezubaan: the Mime competition saw a spectacular show by JNMC followed by the second and third spot being taken by KMC Manipal.

Day 5 of Invictus kickstarted with a cluster of passionate singers, aiming to attain the pitch-perfect note at Western Vocal Solo event. The audience grooved to the rhythm of the vocals of the performances at TMA PAI Hall. It was exhilarating to hear diverse songs as the singers took to the stage. KMC, Manipal clinched both of the coveted top two spots. KSHEMA took away home the third spot.

Music is the purest form of art. It is the gift of angels. The genesis of such magic starts from the musician’s imagination, who puts into endless hours to perfect each melody. We witnessed such musicians in action as they created magic out of thin air without a bother about the world or hesitation in the Instrument Solo event. In this lovely endeavour, DMMC emerged as the winner, followed by a tie for the 2nd place between KMC, Manipal and Presidency University, Bangalore. KMC, Manipal, again grabbed the 3rd position.

“Whenever in doubt, dance it out.”
The stage sparkled with elegance and surreal beauty as the dancers glided in. In the Eastern Dance Solo, the performances were breathtaking as each dancer tried to make the perfect mudra, communicate with their eyes and face as their body followed to the tune of the music. The winners are MCODS, Mangalore. For the second place, it was a tie between KMC, Manipal and KMC, Manipal. The second runner-up was MCHP, Manipal.

The Day 6 of Invictus started with six Creative Duets who danced off gracefully under the judgmental eyes of Swathi Acharya from WGSHA and Dr Arvind Pandey. All of them provided each other with tough competition. Eventually, Pranathi and Prateeksha from BMCRI emerged as the winners. The second and third position was bagged by Shubhraa and Twesha from KMC Manipal and Vaishnavi and Pranita from KVG respectively.

KMC Greens, on Day 7, was reverberated by the melodious sounds of ‘Eastern Group Dance‘ performances. Teams came up in beautiful vibrant costumes and gracefully danced the evening away. KMC Mangalore bagged the first prize with SDM and BM Patil coming up second and third.

The day goes on to bless our ears with euphonious tunes with the event ‘Battle of the Bands‘. There were jaw-dropping performances with vocals, harmonies and various instruments. The audience as well as the judges were impressed at the immense show of talent and skills. After a difficult discussion, KMC Manipal took home the first position. MIT bagged the second position, and Yenepoya Medical College the third.

The last event of the day was ‘Impropmtu’. Participants faced off each other with creative dance moves. The contestants had to choreograph a sequence on spot as different genres of music were played. After an hour of adrenaline rush and energetic grooving, first position was won by Razlan Ali from KIMS, second position by Akansh from KMC Manipal, third position by Siddhi Daundkar from SSIMS&RC.

Photography: Tanishq Yadav, Pranay Jain, Samir Gulati, Pavan Krishnan, Medha, Shubhangi Mishra, Hasmita Ganesuni, Bhavya Bhatia, Shubh Garg, Naina Gupta, Ayush Rana, Pranav Bansal, Arnav Agrawal, Manas Agrawal, Chadrashekaran Balaji, The Editorial Board KMC
Writer: Mrunmayee Nerliker, Siddharth Dwivedi, Maha Padala, Sudiksha, Komal Mishra, Ayeshani Mishra 
The Editorial Board KMC
Edited & Uploaded by: Sourabh Singh, The Editorial Board KMC