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House of games

The Social Welfare Committee of KMC Manipal organized a series of fun-filled events with their fundraiser ‘House of Games.’ All proceeds were donated towards noble causes like education and healthcare for the less fortunate.

The fundraiser consisted of the trivia competition ‘Jeopardy’ with themes like Friends, Harry Potter, Bollywood and Stranger Things, and other topics like Brooklyn Nine Nine on popular demand. The event Pictionary saw an enthusiastic participation from students, and the Jimmy-Fallon inspired game ‘Box of Lies’ had participants show their mischievous and competitive streaks as they attempted to outsmart their opponents. The old- fashioned Tambola Night concluded in good spirits, and the ‘Blindfolded Conversations’ had people engaging in meaningful conversations with people they hadn’t met before. The pleasingly-lit lecture halls were brought to life with melodies for ‘Karaoke Night’, and ‘Among Us’ brought to the participants an exciting, real-life version of their favorite video game. The Monochrome photography competition boasted a great turnout with stunning entries.

Event Gallery

Written by : Tanvee Walia , The Editorial Board , KMC
Photography Credits : Hasmita Ganesuni, Pranay Jain, The Editorial Board, KMC
Upload Credits : Sourabh Singh , The Editorial Board KMC