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On the 13th and 14th of June, Justitia, the Forensic Medicine club, held their event titled “Holmicide”, wherein participants (in teams of 2) had to search around a mystery room for clues to crack the various ciphers and questions strategically placed in multiple locations to prove Sherlock Holmes innocent.

The event consisted of 3 rooms and one final hidden room where the team had to choose the victim correctly or else they lose; each room had its own unique atmosphere and props. From the quiet, greenery of Hyde Park to a dark, haunted Mental Asylum to Mycroft’s home which had clues scattered all over the room; the crew at Justitia were masters at setting the scene.

The event had an impressive turnout; a total of 55 teams (meaning 110 participants) took part and engaged in solving the clues as quickly as they can.

Congratulations to Aditya Lochab and Umang Khatri for cracking and solving this murder mystery room the fastest.

Credits :-

Organised by : Justitia
Design by : Justitia
Written by : Adish Govind Joshi , The Editorial Board
Photography by : Hasmita Ganesuni, Pranav Venugopal, Samir Gulati, Tanishq Yadav , The Editorial Board
Uploaded by: Nivedita Pandey , The Editorial Board