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Festival Of Ideas ’23

Inaugration Ceremony

Festival of Ideas, the hallmark event of the Editorial Board of KMC, saw the celebration of arts, literature and photography across all colleges of MAHE. The inauguration ceremony marked the beginning of the three day event which promised delightful events and a much awaited Open Mic.

The ceremony was conducted by Ms Navya Behrani and Mr Pavan Krishnan and Mr Jayendra Singh (Associate Editor) introduced the Festival of Ideas to the guests and audience while Ms Jasneet Kalra, the Editor in Chief of the Editorial Board, invited the judges and the participants to the events that the organizing committee had structured.

The Chief Guest of the event, Dr Suresh Pillai, Professor and Head of Head and Neck Surgery, gave an enlightening speech on the importance of fine arts in the lives of medical students while the Guest of Honour, Col Vinod Bhasker, the Chief Warden, MAHE, shared a wonderful message to the audience and wished the organizers best wishes for the event. Mr Samir Gulati (Associate Editor) delivered the vote of thanks which was followed by an artful canvas painting ceremony. The brushstrokes struck the canvas and the festivities began!

Check Out the link below to read the coverage of all events and workshop conducted during FOI’23

Humour Hour

Humour Hour was an event held by Aaghaz, the brilliant drama club of KMC, Manipal, as a part of the Editorial Board’s Festival of Ideas. The evening of 4th October saw people in stitches as their laughter lit up T.M.A. Pai Hall 3. 

The members of Aaghaz had a variety of events lined up, including a Stand-Up Comedy Show, Farzi Mushayara, and Mimicry. Med-Life Crisis, the name of the comedy special, proved to be too relatable as it drew on comparisons and experiences that everyone in the audience had themselves encountered in their lives before. Lyrical lines and impressive metaphors echoed through the hall as a part of Farzi Mushayara, and Mimicry was a light-hearted session of fun for all.

The three game stalls organised by the Film Crew had great participation, which comes as no surprise as their Gamezy Frenzy presented participants with 6 fun games that only added to the exciting atmosphere of the night. 

The event concluded to the cheers and hoots of the audience and everyone left with memories that would make them smile whenever they recalled the night. 

Open Mic

It is only fitting that the end of such a colourful three days is just as magical. At 8 p.m. on the last day of The Festival Of Ideas, a crowd gathered at TMA Pai halls for its most eagerly awaited event. 

This year, the hall itself was transformed to cater to the dream-like spirit of the evening. Dimly lit, with the glow of fairy-lights softly brightening the centre of the stage. Arranged in a ring around the stage were soft mattresses. The audience lounging, talking and laughing, decked out in their cultural best. It was an atmosphere to remember. 

The people to thank for bringing about the event are the Cultural Committee and the Editorial Board. In between the haunting melodies, the side-splitting comedy and the heart-wrenching poetry the night whirled on. Emcees Akansh Chopra and Ishan Khetan kept the audience entertained between performances.

Lumen took this opportunity to showcase their brilliant Festival Of Ideas movie, which they carefully compiled over the 3 days right up to the beginning of the open mic. The winners from each of the creative events were felicitated by Dr Arvind Pandey, Dr Yash Alok and the heads of committees. 

The merriment resumed and extended late into the night, each performance more wonderous than the last. And so FOI ends, with a lot of laughter and joy and a tugging sense of nostalgia, until next year.

Written by: Writers of The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal
Photography by: The Photography Club, Manipal
Uploaded by: Alisha Lobo, The Editorial Board, KMC Manipal