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Emergency Medicine Essentials

The celebrations for National Emergency Medicine Day didn’t stop at the workshop, for they were followed by enlightening talks at interact halls.

The event was opened by our very own, Dr. Vimal Krishnan, Associate Professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine at KMC Manipal. He talked about Emergency medicine as a specialty; how it originated and how it has grown at an exponential pace to be a key component of every primary health care Centre. He discussed the different branches that comprise EM and the future prospects under it.

He was followed by Dr. Murtuza Ghiya, who worked with Doctors Without Borders in Iraq, who shared deeply insightful words about his own experience working as a Frontline worker there. He talked aboyt the experience of healthcare workers in regions with no resources, and how they scrape together Emergency managements regardless of the circumstances. He touched upon the hopeful enthusian towards life in the people in these areas, where the atrocities of war and loss don’t kill their spirt, despite it all, and how they inspire all the Frontline workers to push forward despite it all.

Dr. Gautam Harigovind, also from Doctors Without Borders, talked about the groundwork that goes behind setting up effective primary health care centres in areas with no resources. He also shared moving stories about his own experience with Emergency Medicine in war areas, and inspired people to apply for MSF and use their skills to help people who need them the most.

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