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Double take By LUMEN

Experiences surpass expectations, and sequels become legacy. 

So after its success last year as a part of Incandescent’s Ideation fair, Double-take by LUMEN made a comeback with its all new rendition Double-take 2.0.

This event is the perfect example of how photography can be a union of many elements. 

It is a competition which inspires creativity, with participants  choosing 2 elements randomly and bringing them together through one image.

LUMEN, the photography club of  KMC has always encouraged learning and passion more than emphasizing expertise. So this event welcomed not only accustomed photographers but also novice participants who were eager to try, learn and have fun.

The event was kicked off by an address by the President – Mr. Samir Gulati,  introducing the Chief Guest – Mr. Bhavesh Jain, an eminent photographer and storyteller, who also served as the President of Photography Club of Manipal. 

Mr. Bhavesh immediately established a friendly presence, humorously charming everyone while talking about his experiences as a budding photographer. He explained the importance of preserving art, instinct and freedom rather than getting too restricted by technicalities and rules when it came to photography. 

” The subject is not someone you take a picture of, the subject is someone you build a narrative around.”

These wise words were followed by LUMEN members briefing the crowd about  the various composition techniques used in photography because when it comes to art, the essence is best conveyed with the support of skills and finesse.

This was done in a purely interactive way with members showing their own clicks from around the campus and participants admiringly taking their best guesses about the subjects and locations projected.

Teams of two then proceeded to pick out chits from two bowls, one containing a technique and the other an element like an emotion, a colour amongst other. Participants then captured these eliments through a single picture within the hour given to them and sent in their entries. 

The unique amalgamations definitely made the job of the judges a tough one but simultaneously a fun and enlightening experience.

The winners were

1st place: Aakash Singh and Siddharth Garg

2nd place: Simran Bhadauriya and Navya Behrani

3rd place: Prerna Gupta and Apoorva Goyal

This event is a special one seeing a major contribution from first years in  terms of organizing and participation and we hope to see the legacy continue.

Design: LUMEN, Photography club, KMC Manipal
Photography: Sanit Kumar, LUMEN
Write-up: Anusha Gupta, LUMEN
Uploaded By: Raghav Gupta, Webmaster, KMC Student Council