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DEADPOOL Movie Screening

The 1st of October witnessed the last movie screening of the year by The Film Crew, KMC Manipal. Bowing to the expectations of multiple successful movie screenings, the crew chose to screen 2016’s Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds.

This movie screening received 48 registrations. The enthusiastic audience was an even mix of cinephiles. Some were second-time watchers who dragged their friends with them. Some of them had been putting the movie off too long. Some were casual moviegoers (and swooning fans of mega-hunk Ryan Reynolds) looking for a fun-filled Saturday evening.

Deadpool kickstarted what many call the Meta Cinematic Universe, employing meta humour, witty dialogue, and an outrageously charismatic protagonist as the driver of a cinematic tour de force.

Grossing over a billion dollars at the box office, the movie showed entrenched studios that superhero movies need not only appeal to a pre-teen and teen audience, which enabled a generation of filmmakers like Taika Waititi, James Gunn, and Chloe Zhao to reinvent what superhero movies could mean to various audiences.

The direction by Tim Miller is slick, calm, and assured. The action sequences shot is abundant with visual flair, contrasted with the slice-of-life style employed for story scenes. This emphasizes the difference between the two alter egos of Wade Wilson. The score and the script build up his character to the point that we empathize with the hurt, broken man at the heart of the wise-cracking mercenary.

Much has been said of the things Deadpool revolutionized and innovated. Still, there are so many others that it did brilliantly. The score is inspired by indie hip-hop and fits the character so well we can almost imagine Wade listening to it through his Walkman. The side characters are well fleshed out and make the tragedy of the world Wade inhabits very real.

The Film Crew has built up a brand based on their movie screenings, and they didn’t disappoint this time either. The event was a meeting place for students from multiple MAHE colleges, enabling cinephiles to share their love for movies, regardless of college affiliation. As the projector turned off for the last time this year, it was undoubtedly the perfect way for the crew to sign off another year of movie screenings, promising many more to come.

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Writing Credits: Arjun Khade, The Film Crew
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