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Medical students from the beginning of their college life  fear the inevitable entrance exams and career choices they have to make after MBBS. Some of these fears and uncertainties were put to rest or at least eased by the seminar, ACE YOUR WAY,  organized by the Student Research Forum in association with Research cell (UG) conducted on 2nd of July 2022. It was held for the  students to guide them in their NEET PG, MLE and Research pursuits.

The panelists for the event being Dr. Himanshu, a prolific researcher with NEET PG-AIR 136 and INICET-AIR 184 rankings; Dr Sufyan Ibrahim, an aspiring neurosurgeon, with 28 publications, subinternship at Mayo Clinic, USA, and several hack-a-thon, quizzes medals and other such accomplishments under his belt; and Dr. Mukhopadhyay, Microbiologist, virologist, Associate Dean at KMC hospital.

The event was held in TMA Pai hall 3 and was considered a great success with a turnover of over 100 people. The event was preceded by snacks at 3.00.

The seminar kicked off at 3.30 with a presentation by Dr. Himanshu who unfortunately had other engagements but was kind enough to send his recording. He consulted in detail about the ideal ways to prepare for the entrance exams. He talked about the higher mark yielding topics, MCQ solving, Time management, importance of revision, subject divisions and INICET and NEET exams among other things.

He was followed by our Associate Dean Dr. Chiranjay Mukhopadhyay who truly inspired the attendees. He talked about how we are following in the footsteps of some really accomplished doctors and have all the resources and help at our disposal from the college to achieve our dreams. He talked about the important part observation plays in the learning process.

The final speaker being Dr. Sufyan Ibrahim  who talked in length about MLE preparations. He believed that every student is unique and everyone has a different way of studying that is best suited for them and it is upto us to find that way. He talked about how hard work  is irreplaceable and it is only through sheer dedication that we can achieve our goals. He talked about the importance of strong concepts and clinical exposure which are the foundation of one’s medical knowledge. He delved into the various steps of USMLE and how to approach each of them. The best time to prepare and how to tackle these exams. He talked about electives,volunteering, TOEFL, electives, VSLOs and the extra curriculars  required to make a attractive CV for MLE exam. He also brushed the topic of mental health and pressure that every aspirant  suffers from at some point.

As the seminar was approaching its end, a panel discussion was  headed by Dr. Sufyan, where the students finally got the chance to ask the questions that have been eating them away. Now with a clearer view of the future the students took a sigh of relief. The marvelous seminar was concluded by final words by the Secretary of SRF, Vishnu Bharadwaj and the vote of thanks by Vanshita Kapoor. All in all it was an enlightening event which left the students with enough to contemplate.


Written by : Akarsh Sinha, The Editorial Board KMC
Design by : Student Research Forum , KMC Manipal
Photography by : Ayush Rana, The Editorial Board KMC
Uploaded by : Alisha Chrissel Lobo, The Editorial Board KMC