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On the afternoon of 26th June 2024, the Stufent Research Forum of KMC Manipal organized an interactive session, ‘Ace Your Application- ICMR STS’, with Dr. Shankar Bakkannavar

Dr. Shankar Bakkannavar, an Associate Professor in the Department of Forensic Medicine, who has mentored countless students through their research publication process. Dr. Shankar commenced the session by giving the students insight on ICMR STS, and the process of applying for research grants. He addressed each students queries and guided them through the process, instructing them regarding important documents and permits, and gave them advice to make their application process easier. The session was well-attended and meticulously organized, with eager, research-oriented students getting an unprecedented chance to get personalized guidance from such an esteemed and experienced faculty.

  • Credits:
  • Photographer: Anusha Srivastava, The Editorial Board, KMC
  • Writer: Tanvee Walia, The Editorial Board, KMC
  • Coverage: Abhinav Raj, The Editorial Board, KMC