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ABC of Photography by Lumen KMC

Brimming with enthusiastic photographers and learners, the Interact Halls hosted the ABCs of Photography, the first offline workshop of the year by the photography club of Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Lumen on the 27th of June, 2022. The workshop aimed at teaching the basics of photography to beginners in the field and some extra tricks and techniques for all. Ayush Rana, the Vice President of Lumen, set the workshop in motion.

Bhavye Bhatia, a crew member, taught the technical aspects of photography mainly focusing on the exposure triangle and balancing the exposure. For those interested in space, it sure would have been interesting to learn about how shutter speed affects astrophotography.

Once the basics were covered, the President of Lumen, Samir Gulati took his turn to teach everyone about the composition techniques in photography. Basic techniques, like the rule of thirds and symmetry, which can be used on a phone camera were taught. But the highlight was surely the trick of creating an illusion of a taller height, which might come in handy for many!

The last, but not the least, section of the workshop was Portrait Photography by the chief guest of the workshop, Allan Castelino. The former Head of Photography of MTTN had some tricks up his sleeves and he gave everyone an insight into some of them yesterday. If someone who wants to click Instagram-worthy pictures and candids is their go-to, then this part was surely the highlight of the workshop.

Much like our regular medical subjects, the theory was followed by a practical. While some people volunteered to be the models, others rushed to apply everything they had learned during the workshop.

The workshop was concluded by Pooja Bishnoi with a vote of thanks and an announcement of an exciting competition for the participants!


Write up by: Khushi Sarwa, LUMEN

Design by : LUMEN Crew

Photos by : LUMEN Crew

Uploaded by : Utkarsh Agrawal , Vice President, KMC Student Council