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-Sensitization programme on Queer and disability inclusion

On 16th September , Sensitization on Queer & Disability inclusion was organised in KMC Manipal by Transcare Medical Education Team, Department of Medical Education, KMC Manipal in collaboration with Student Council KMC Manipal.

This event was open to attend to STEM and non-STEM students of MAHE colleges and brought with it an impressive roster of speakers including Dr. Prachi Rathod, a Trans doctor working in a Trans clinic operated by and catered to the transgender community as well as Dr. Aniruddha Hazra, a proud queer activist and Dr. Mukul Bhowmick, a medical graduate who has been working towards the inclusion of the queer community in every aspect of life possible.
The last speaker was Dr. Satendra Singh, a queer and disability activist who has trailblazed many a changes for himself and others when it comes to making jobs and facilities accessible to the disabled.

Students attended with gusto from all colleges of MAHE and cheered for each inspiring speech, one after the other.

The programme also included the introduction of the Queer Ambassadors selected for the Studentship programme introduced by Transcare including three students from KMC, Manipal itself.

The programme ended on a positive and inspiring note and left all attendants feeling a sense of drive towards the cause.

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